31 Day Movie Meme

I should probably have the patience to do this meme in thirty one days, like the title suggests.  But a few of the bloggers are spitting all the answers out in one big post, in true ADD style.  Which, I feel appropriate for Bitchin’ Film Reviews.  So here’s the short-ass version.

Sequel That Shouldn’t Have Been Made – The Descent Part 2
Favorite Oscar-Nominated Film from a Recent Ballot The White Ribbon
A Movie That Makes Me Laugh Every time – Forgetting Sarah Marshall
A Movie I Loathe – Rachel Getting Married
Movie That Makes Me Cry Everytime – Atonement
Least Favorite Movie by a Favorite Actor – Ed Norton in The Italian Job
Movie That Should Be Required High School Viewing – Requiem for a Dream
Best Scene Ever – Magnolia, when Julianne Moore’s character tells the pharmacist to suck her dick.  Or Norton’s monologue in 25th Hour
Movie I Thought I Wouldn’t Like but Ended Up Loving – Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music
A Movie That Disappointed – The French Connection
Best Music in a Scene – Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter in the opening sequence of Closer
Favorite Animated Movie – Fantastic Mr. Fox
Favorite Black & White Film – Through a Glass Darkly
Best Musical – Evita?  Yeah, I don’t like musicals
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie – The Beach
Favorite Series of Related Movies – Lars von Trier’s Golden Heart trilogy
Favorite Title Sequence – Aronofsky’s Pi
Best Movie Cast – Magnolia
Favorite Kiss – Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy in Wanted
Favorite Romantic Couple – Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet in Finding Neverland
Favorite Final Line… “I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner.  Bye.”, Silence of the Lambs
Best Action Scene – The entire shooting in Gus van Sant’s Elephant
The Quote I Use Most Often… “Retard”  The Hangover
A Movie I Plan on Watching – Altman’s The Player
Freakishly Weird Ending – Mulholland Dr.
Best Villain – Jack Torrence in The Shining
Most Overhyped Movie – Avatar
Movie Seen More Than Ten Times – Magnolia
Saddest Character Death – Spoiler Alert! Jack Burridge in Boy A
Scene That Made Me Stand Up and Cheer – Enduring Love, when Daniel Craig stabs Rhys Ifans while they’re kissing

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6 Responses to “31 Day Movie Meme”
  1. Danny King says:

    Love the idea of “Requiem for a Dream” being required viewing. Not only would it be educational for film students, but it would probably be more effective than any guest speaker would be in convincing people of the dangers of addiction.

  2. Mad Hatter says:

    Some thoughts…

    …If they made me watch REQUIEM FOR A DREAM in high school, I might no be able to concentrate on lessons for a week due to depression.

    …Why don’t you like RACHEL GETTING MARRIED?

    …I love CLOSER if only for introducing me to the music of Damien Rice

    ..EVITA??? C’mon, even if you don’t like ’em you can do better than that.

    …THE BEACH is awesome – no guilt there sir.

    …Grrr. I used to work with a woman who used the ‘Retard’ quote ad naseum. Kinda took the funny out of the line.
    Mad Hatter´s last blog post ..Review- GET LOW 1-2

  3. Castor says:

    Ahaha why does everyone think of Mulholland Dr. for freakingly weird ending? Every movie should end that way!! 😉
    Castor´s last blog post ..Pitch Your Movie! Ruth’s “Heart Wants”

  4. Harriet says:

    Best Music in a Scene – Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter in the opening sequence of Closer

    Completely agree there! I saw Closer when I was 14 and didn’t understand it at all, the only thing I took away from it was Rice’s beautiful music, which then sparked an obsession which still lasts to this day! I’ve since found out that the film is based on the Mozart opera Cosi Fan Tutte and rewatched it, safe to say I do understand it now ;D Its a great film.
    Harriet´s last blog post ..Used TAG Heuer Aquaracer

  5. Blake says:

    @ Danny King – I would definitely have paid closer attention to drug education had I seen first hand the benefits…

    @ Mad Hatter – True, it would have made you squeamish, but I bet you’d think twice before mainlining an eight ball. Am I right?

    I hate to be ‘that guy’ but I just found Rachel Getting Married far to awkward and miserable to watch. I frequently had to look away from the screen out of embarrassment for all the characters. It just made me too uncomfortable.

    Rice’s music most definitely added to Closer. I’m not sure why, but that’s a movie I can watch over and over, even though everyone in it is shitty and does shitty things.

    The only three musicals I could think of were Evita, Newsies and Moulin Rouge. I feel I picked the lesser evil of the three.

    Glad you feel the same about The Beach. Have you seen its score on rottentomatoes? I don’t understand it.

    And I have probably ruined all the fun of ‘retard.’

    PS – You were friends with He Shot Cyrus, right? What happened to his blog?

    @ Castor – Not saying it’s not a fantastic ending, just saying it’s weird as hell.

    @ Harriet – I didn’t understand Closer very well when I saw it for the first time either. A Polish woman I met once had to explain it to me. All I understood is that it made me feel some very intense emotions. Glad you enjoy it as well!

  6. Harriet says:

    Just read the blog again and saw you thought Evita was the best musical, have to disagree, I like musicals but don’t like musical films that much give RENT a try, its one of the better musical films.
    Harriet´s last blog post ..Used TAG Heuer Aquaracer

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