5 Biggest Blunders in Star Wars

Star Wars

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the seventh instalment of Star Wars. With the release date marked for the 18th December, you really don’t have that long to wait. In true glued to the cinema screen celebration, we thought it’d only be right to share some of the subtle blunders that maybe only the most avid of fans caught first time.

That Stormtrooper scene
If you watch it on repeat, it’s pretty darn hilarious – a frozen-faced Stormtrooper in Episode IV A New Hope, accidentally bumps his head on the door as a number of them make their way into a room. On the DVD release, they’ve even added a thump noise when he hits the wall because everyone adores it so much.

The magically appearing jacket
In the classic “I love you/I know” scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo is clearly wearing a plain white shirt. For the next line, he’s wearing his signature jacket that seems to have come out of nowhere. When he’s lowered into freezing chamber, the jacket’s gone again. Did you notice?

Colour change
When Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are disguised as Stormtroopers, an officer walks by wearing a grey top. In the next scene, the same officer obviously styled out some diva-like tendencies and decide to change his costume to a black top.

‘Han shot first’
This is a phrase that refers to the controversial change made to the first film in the scene where Han Solo is confronted by Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina. There have been three changes to the scene since it was originally released because there has been a huge amount of debate around who shot first between George Lucas and fans of the film. The debate has got that intense, that some boffins went through all of Hans Solos scenes to see how often he shot first.

There are a number of occasions when things appear to reverse in the Star Wars films. One of the most notable times is when Lando’s outfit reverses in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. And we can’t not mention the moment in the first film, when Darth Vader’s chest plate reverses too. Though it’s fair to say that these things mostly go unnoticed – it’s the true fans looking for trouble that find it.

The new film is set to be as action-packed as ever, and here’s to hoping that the seventh instalment doesn’t disappoint with blunderful scenes synonymous with Star Wars. Don’t give us perfection, George Lucas.

Are you excited about Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens?

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