Watchmen – Very Am-bitch-ious.

The only thing better than the blogosphere tossing out reviews of Watchmen, is the blogging world blogging about bloggers tossing out reviews of Watchmen; which I am now guilty of.  But it’s true.  I would feel so redundant trying to verbalize how I feel about this film when I can just steal the opinions of other people who have 1) read the graphic novel (yes, I’m one of the 15 people in the world who haven’t), 2) already posted something that I can leech off of.  So, here are some gobbets (a free DVD to the person who can tell me what movie I’m quoting there) from some blogs I respect quite highly. While I don’t agree with all of what they say, I respect their opinions.

I will say however, that I very much enjoyed Watchmen.  The acting was mostly awesome, the story was fantastic, it definitely didn’t feel like three hours, and I will definitely watch it again.

Also, I didn’t ask the following bloggers for permission, I apologize is this offends you, email me and I’ll fix it.

Madhatter wrote (click here for the full review):

THE WATCHMEN is a good movie that could have been a great…something. I’ll get back to that. The story hasn’t been handled well enough to transcend. So while it is a solid action/sci-fi movie, it don’t believe it will have the broader appeal that recent hits like THE DARK KNIGHT, SPIDER-MAN, and IRON MAN received. For starters, the heroes spend most of the film struggling with their own stations in a changing society, and precious little time performing acts of daring-do. Beyond that, the story is set in an age that many of its core audience will have either forgotten, or worse, not have even been born during. While neither of these are game-breaking problems, they are heavy obstacles when trying to appeal to a broader audience than the comic store frequenting base.

Shannon from Movie Moxie (click here for full review): isn’t hard to follow, it’s easy to follow so much so that I found myself left with time to wonder “What am I even following?”. Nothing actually seemed to be happening, which can be fine but if that is the case it better at least look awesome, or great sound, or transcend to something or somewhere. I didn’t find any of these things. We are set up with a mystery to be solved (there is that plot trying to nudge its way back in) but are entrenched in speculative world history, the dark ‘current’ world, the looming future and then numerous characters all with lengthy back stories. When the dust settles after establishing thsi world, it feels like not much happens. As time went on it became clear that there is a focus and a point, but it takes a fair amount of time to bring you there.

The guy from (I don’t know his name, click here for his full review):

Now, I say there’s problems with Snyder’s style, yet I cannot think of a director today who would have brought us a better adaptation that this. His obvious reverence for Moore’s work is what makes the film successful, the incredible story is brought to the screen without being watered down, and most importantly, the characters are completely spot-on, almost every bit as deep and rich as in the Watchmen comic book.

Anders from Cut, Print, Review. (full review here):

Watchmen is a visually arresting and affecting adaptation that mostly does the source material proud. Yet because of the specific appeal of Alan Moore’s mature graphic novel, and the convoluted narrative structure that has resulted from its translation to film, Zack Snyder’s faithful recreation is unlikely garner the wide praise that rightfully bestowed last year’s The Dark Knight. After all, The Comedian is no Joker.

So, there.  Enjoy those reviews in lieu of my own.  And you really should check out their full texts, they’ll help you take your Watchmen watching experience to a whole new eschilon of bitchin’.


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8 Responses to “Watchmen – Very Am-bitch-ious.”
  1. Anders says:

    Thanks for the plug Blake.
    Much appreciated!

    I’m glad you enjoyed Watchmen….I’ve come to realise you and I seldom disagree on a film. I too really want to see the film again, as it begs to be seen at least twice.

  2. Thanks for the quote Blake & for linking to the review 🙂

    I’m also glad to hear you enjoyed the film – I wish I had. I’ll see it again after reading the novel. Yep, that’s on a to do list somewhere!

  3. Reel Whore says:

    This was a tough film to wrap my review around. I enjoyed it mostly. The snippets you gave have piqued my interests to how their opinions differ from mine.

  4. Reel Whore says:

    Oh yeah…Was that from The History Boys? I haven’t seen it yet, but want to.

  5. Blake says:

    Congrats Reel Whore, you got it. You should definitely check out The History Boys sometime. Anyway, email me at and we’ll discuss your winnings.

  6. Ivy says:

    oh man i wish i’d seen this sooner, cause i own history boys, and i love winning free dvds… congrats reel whore!

  7. coffee says:

    i haven’t read the Watchmen comic series, but i can’t imagine them packing any more into one movie even if they wanted to, which is good for me, makes me feel like i got my money’s worth

  8. CMrok93 says:

    Buckets of gore, truckloads of angst, hot superhero sex, full-frontal radiation-monster nudity, soap opera machinations, pulp fiction voice-overs, weekend trips to Mars .. and enough back stories for the next half-dozen superhero movies.
    CMrok93´s last blog post ..Being There 1979

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