Drag Me To Hell

drag-me-to-hellI’ll make it clear right now that I don’t know much about horror or Sam Raimi. I have seen The Gift, the first two Spidermans, and A Simple Plan. I thought all of those were good (A Simple Plan was great).  But not being familiar with his horror films, I went into the Drag Me To Hell expecting something much different.  I didn’t like what I saw.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you get the plot.  Pretty blonde girl with a good life gets cursed by an evil gypsy woman with two different colored eyes (she’s supposed to be a gypsy, but she’s Russian).  Pretty girl spends three days tortured by a demon that’s preparing to drag her to Hell.  Literally.

What I wasn’t expecting was the campiness of the film.  There were more laugh-out-loud moments then there were made-you-jump moments.  The comedic timing of Raimi and his actors far outweighs their ability to make you scared.  In fact, there wasn’t much about the film that was scary at all.  Sure, there were a whole lot of those moments where something jumps onto screen accompanied by a really loud noise, but if you’re older than twelve, this doesn’t do much.

Alison Lohman plays pretty blonde girl.  Her near-perfect boyfriend is played by Justin Long who, along with several Mac computers and iPhones, seems to be put there as part of Apple product placement.  Not-so-scary Russian/Gypsy lady is played by Lorna Raver.  All the acting is decent.  Lohman seemed to catch perfectly the tone Raimi intended and was actually quite hilarious.  Although she spends most of her screen time having her mouth filled up with disgusting things, including: eyeballs, Gypsy dentures, maggots, used embalming fluid (the list goes on and on).  The graphics are alternately terrific, and horrible.  Raimi wrote the script with older broth Ivan Raimi.

I’ve been told that if you enjoy the tone of earlier Raimi horror movies, you’ll enjoy this as well.  And I’ll admit that Drag Me To Hell is light years ahead of films like The Grudge, Prom Night, or The Ring, but the scariest thing about this movie is how forgettable it is.


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  1. Nick says:

    I love Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, and this was right up the same alley. I can see somebody being put off by not realizing what they were getting themselves into. But as I knew Raimi’s brand of horror/comedy, I absolutely loved this movie.

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