up4Up is another one of those films that has media saturation already.  I’ll be the first to admit, I have a hard time understanding animated film.  The manipulation drives me insane.  The little boy isn’t just cute, with a heart made of gold and gold and a lisp, he also confides in this lonely, loveable old man who recently saw his adoring wife pass away about his absentee father, and how he just wants his father to pin his merit badge on him at the scouting ceremony.  I get it, Pixar has mastered the art of cutesy nostalgia (albeit paired  with the most incredible graphics I’ve ever seen).  Now, I understand I’m clearly missing something as well, seeing as everyone else in the world jumps behind Pixar as if it was the second coming of Jebus.  So, in lieu of my own article, Below are posted excerpts from blogger reviews that I respect.  Enjoy!

The Flick Chick (full review here):

While I enjoyed the film overall – particularly anything involving Dug, whose obsession with squirrels reminded me of my parents’ dog – I wouldn’t call it flawless. As it approached the end I was far too aware of how it was trying to manipulate me and though all films try to manipulate you in some form or another, subtlety goes a long way and it felt at times like Up was daring me not to go “awwww.”

The Dark of the Matinee (full review):

It doesn’t take UP very long to show you how bittersweet a story it will be. Matter of fact, I was quite shaken by the sad places this movie takes its audience to in the early going. I was very moved by the story of a man who feels like he let his wife down. He carries the burden of never making her dreams come true so heavily, but what he can’t see is that it wasn’t for lack of trying. Life just…had other ideas…as life sometimes does.

Insight into Entertainment (full review):

…This is where the movie pretty much loses its amazing magic – the kind that lifts you above the ruin that is Wall*E’s world or makes you want Toys to triumph. Up becomes just a really good kids movie after the thunderstorm whisks our heroes away to South America. Good triumphs over bad, and the talking dogs are fun seems to be all you need for the rest of the film.

They say it much better than I could.


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  1. Mad Hatter says:

    I dug it, but I can see how it might not be what you think it should be.

    In such a case – thanks for the plug!

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