A Poll. About girl directors.

It’s time for another bitchin’ poll.  But first, last weeks.  Last time I asked you which of the major film festivals lent the most credibility to their films.  I wasn’t too surprised by the results.

Cannes received the most votes, with 36% of them.

Toronto and Sundance tied, each with 27%.

And there was one vote for Venice (9%).

No one selected the ‘Other’ option, but shout outs were made in the comments section for Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival.

My question this week revolves around women directors.  As I was making my list of fifteen directors that changed the way I view motion pictures, I was painfully aware of the fact there weren’t any women listed among those white men.  Jane Campion came close to making the cut, but didn’t at the last moment.  So this week’s poll is simply, Who is the most talented female director? She may be retired, dead, or still working.  It makes no difference.  In the comments, tell me which of these women’s films are their greatest.

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6 Responses to “A Poll. About girl directors.”
  1. Anna says:

    voted “other” for tamara jenkins and lynn shelton.

    hate kelly reichhardt. just so you know.

  2. Blake says:

    @ Anna – No way! No love for Old Joy? Or Ode? I love those movies. I loved Humpday and The Savages, but I haven’t seen anything else Shelton or Jenkins has directed. Suggestions?

  3. Anna says:

    blerch. i hate that old joy stuff. also hated her last one. forgot the title. with the dog and michelle williams.

    “the slums of beverly hills” is another good film by jenkins, though not as good or “mature” as “the savages”.

  4. filmgeek says:

    Great poll question. This has been a major issue for me lately. I like a lot of female directors and although I think many are technically brilliant (Bigelow, Campion) and good at what they do (Meyers, Ephron), Sofia Coppola is my favourite as she is a director’s director. She has a consistent style, she makes films as opposed to movies (can you seriously see her directing a cheesey rom-com or Hollywood blockbuster?) and when you watch her films you can tell that every single shot has been clearly thought about. They’re beautiful.
    filmgeek´s last blog post ..The Guardian Film Season

  5. Jessica says:

    Okay. Firstly, I object to “girl directors.”

    Secondly, I’m not particularly fond of any of the movies directed by these women. Except The Virgin Suicides by Sophia Coppola. Sad.

    Lastly, I have to give a shout out to Amy Heckerling for Clueless, but she hasn’t really done anything else I love.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..The Queen’s Thief Series- by Megan Whalen Turner

  6. Blake says:

    @filmgeek – I admittedly kind of forgot about The Virgin Suicides when making this poll. Jessica reminded me of it. I agree, her style is unique and unmistakable. I even love Marie Antoinette!

    @ Jessica – ‘Girl directors’ was used in irony. And Amy Heckerling was a huge oversight. There’s Clueless AND Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

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