A Poll. About Movies.

I don’t usually do polls, but I’m very enthusiastic about what this awards season has to offer. I’m curious to know which films you are all looking forward to the most. So please, tell me.

(Sorry to you folks seeing this in a reader. I couldn’t figure how to make it appear without clicking over to the actual page.)

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11 Responses to “A Poll. About Movies.”
  1. Harriet says:

    Voted, for The Tourist. The idea about Jolie and Depp sounds like a great team!
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  2. filmgeek says:

    Mine is Blue Valentine, but Somewhere is a close second

  3. Blake says:

    @ Harriet – I’ll admit, that’s what I voted for too!

    @ Dan – I hadn’t heard of The Fighter, but I just watched the trailer and it does look really good!

    @ filmgeek – I’m totally pissed I missed Blue Valentine at Sundance. Heard it was great and can’t wait to see it in theatres as well.

  4. Harriet says:

    Glad you voted for it too! My second choice was The Social Network.
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  5. Castor says:

    Off that list, it has to be 127 Hours!
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  6. Rachel says:

    Voted for Black Swan but it’s actually second to HP7.
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Reel Insight 15- Edward Norton and LAMBCast 38- Most Anticipated for the End of 2010

  7. Blake says:

    @ Castor – I’m looking forward The Black Swan and 127 Hours about the same amount, but picked Swan because of the sexiness factor. But the buzz around 127 is really getting to me. I can’t wait.

    @ Rachel – I totally kicked myself for leaving HP7 off the list.

  8. Jessica says:

    Had to vote for The Social Network. I just love Aaron Sorkin.
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  9. Max says:

    I’ve entered this stretch in my life where I’m not looking forward to any movie at all — and I haven’t for months. Bitchin’ Film Reviews, what is wrong with me?

  10. I made a “to see list” list on my blog of upcoming films with IMDB links, if you’re all interested :

    moviesandsongs365´s last blog post ..Movie of the week- Frankenstein 1931

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