A poll. About renting movies.

It’s been several weeks since the last poll. All regular posting was put on hold during the festival. And to be honest, it’s a bit difficult getting back into regular programming. But I’ll forge ahead, for all our sakes.

The last poll was about movie purchasing habits.

Seventeen percent of you say, “I buy everything I like! Including the most recent box sets and director cuts, I’ll buy basically anything.” To be honest, that’s much higher than I thought it would be and I kind of envy you. But on the other hand, when I look at my own collection, I see 85% regret.

Nobody picked “I buy quite a bit. I’m not so concerned with collector’s sets, or anything, I just buy what I like.” I thought this would be the most frequently chosen option.

Another 17% said, I’ll have to be sure I’ll watch the movie at least a couple more times before I buy anything.”

A quarter of you said you mostly let the price decide, and you’ll pick up a good deal whenever you come across one.

But the most popular selection, chosen by a third of voters, said you only pick up maybe ten or fifteen DVDs a year, mostly just your favorites.

One person said they rarely, if ever purchase movies.

This new poll is about your renting habits. I’m a Netflix user, and very occasional RedBox patron. I never go to rental stores any more. What about you?

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8 Responses to “A poll. About renting movies.”
  1. Jessica says:

    Netflix! But mostly I don’t watch movies. I blame that on the child.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Cool Stuff You Should Know About

  2. I don’t really rent movies anymore. Largely because I don’t have much money to spend on since I spend weekly on food supplies.

    I go to the local library to borrow films if they’re available and just recently with the Oscar season, I decided to download films so I can get a chance to see what I’ve missed this past year.
    Steven Flores´s last blog post ..Shortbus

  3. Ego says:

    It may not be PC but I download everything, if I love it I wind up buying it.

  4. Fletch says:

    I swapped HBO for Netflix – saves money and the selection of movies is larger. I raaaaaarely rent from a retail store, and have never used a Redbox or the like (and don’t plan to anytime soon). Additionally, other cable stations that offer unedited, uncensored movies (HDNet, IFC, TMC) are the backups.
    Fletch´s last blog post ..Fletchs Favored Five- Quentin Tarantino Scenes

  5. Blake says:

    @ Jessica – One day, one day you’ll be free to watch as many movies–er–read as many books as you like.

    @ Steven – That’s rough man. I used to use the library a lot, they had a great selection. Someone I know who isn’t me has been known to download a title here and there as well.

    @ Ego – I’m not one to judge! I used to buy pirated DVDs all the time. But only because they didn’t sell the legal ones where I lived!

    @ Fletch – HBO is a bit of disappointed, except for their original stuff. Netflix seems a great substitute. Forgot about IFC…. that’s a great channel.

  6. Eric says:

    I use Netflix mainly for its Instant Watch features, and Redbox for recent Blu-rays. I may give Hulu Plus a go in the future now that they have the Criterion Collection…

  7. Jack L says:

    I never rent films, in fact I just download.
    The Pirate Bay has a more complete collection of films than any rental store near me…
    Jack L´s last blog post ..The Last Movie – 1971

  8. I’m more likely to see new releases in the theatre. The only place I actually borrow movies from is the library, or from friends kind enough to lend them!
    Shannon the Movie Moxie´s last blog post ..Story of Jen – Lhistoire de Jen DVD Review

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