Blood Into Wine

A documentary about Arizona’s burgeoning wine community? Doesn’t sound like great, or even intriguing filmmaking. However, center it around Maynard from Tool and A Perfect Circle, along with his business partner, Eric Glomski, and it becomes a slightly different story.  In fact, Maynard’s duel personalities that are portrayed (rockstar, and winemaker) upstage what seems to be the original intent of the film, addressing the question, ‘Vineyards in Arizona?’

Blood Into Wine is directed by Christopher Pomerenke, and Ryan Page.  They also receive writing credits.  And they do a fine job explain the history of Arizona and winemaking, showing some beautiful scenery, and basically pitching Arizona as the next Napa Valley.  And they do a fine job making the pitch.  There are even a few celebrity endorsements thrown in the mix.  Appearances by the likes of Milla Jovavich and Patton Oswalt remind the viewer that this isn’t your average vineyard owner.  It’s a rockstar trying his luck at a new trade.  And that aspect is fascinating.

The problem is that some of the time the documentary loses focus.  Or rather than lose its focus, it becomes undecided on what it wants to be.  Is it really a documentary following Maynard, who happens to dabble in winery?  Or is this about wineries and vineyards where Maynard happens to be doing some business?  There were also some strangely staged skits that seemed out of place and messed with the films pacing.  But overall, Blood Into Wine is informative, mostly interesting, and always intriguing when Maynard is on screen.  Well worth a viewing, especially for those into the vino.


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