Final Cut thinks I’m stylish.

Honest to goodness, I was just thinking this week that it’s been a while since an award has swept through the movie blogger community. Then, filmgeek from Final Cut goes and calls me stylish, and awards me this fancy award.  And just in time that I can call attention to this new banner I made.  It took me about five hours of squeezing every bit of my tiny Photoshop knowledge.... Read More

Total Film Likes Bitchin’ Film Reviews

Someone nominated Bitchin’ Film Reviews for Best Review Blog at the 2011 Total Film Blog Awards. Who ever did that, you’re bitchin’. From here on out, it’s up to the voters to decide. So, if you should feel inclined, drop on over to Total Film, and put in a vote. It’d be greatly appreciated!  Read More

It’s time for some awards

There’s a blogger award being passed around right now, and I’ve been awarded it!  By three very kind bloggers who really make me think more about what I write.  Sometimes I forget other people read this, then I get super apprehensive that I’ve got it all wrong.  Thanks for the encouragement!  Vanessa from The Movieness, Mad Hatter from Dark of the Matinee,... Read More