Bitchin’ Film Reviews Top 10 of 2010

I’ve been avoiding making this list for a while by listing everyone elses’.  Like Roger Ebert’s, A. O. Scott’s, and Quentin Tarantino’s. I still haven’t seen all the major contenders of 2010. These include Exit Through the Gift Shop, The Fighter, Blue Valentine, Biutiful, The Secret in Their Eyes, and Charlie St. Cloud.   But I’m not... Read More

Quentin Tarantino’s Top 11 of 2010

It seems I’m a bit obsessed with everyone else’s ‘best of’ lists for 2010. Here is Quentin Tarantino’s favorites of the year. I must say, he has excellent taste. I’m so psyched about all the love for I Am Love, Enter the Void (I reiterate his sentiments about the opening credits sequence), and Greenberg (it’s about time Noah Baumbach... Read More

A.O. Scott’s Top 10 Movies of 2010

A few days ago, I posted Ebert’s top ten films of 2010.  I posted them because while I’m not usually a fan of Ebert’s, I was very pleased with his picks for the best of the year.  A. O. Scott on the other hand, is the critic I put of my faith in.  So imagine my surprise when I am decidedly not in favor his list.  It’s quite baffling actually.  And I’m... Read More

Ebert’s Top 10 Movies of 2010

I’m not a huge fan Roger Ebert as a critic. He’s a great writer, but I don’t agree with a lot of his choices. And I’ve seen the blurb, ‘Ebert gives it two thumbs up’ on way to many lame movies to really put stock in his ratings. But I was quite pleased to read his top ten films of 2010 list. I totally agree with most of them, and am thrilled... Read More

Five movies that make me think twice about renewing my passport as an American

5. Transsiberian (2008) It started out as a humanitarian trip to China, and somehow the couple in Transsiberian ends up inadvertently smuggling stacking dolls made out of heroine into Russia, and it belong to the Russian police who aren’t afraid to torture to get it back. Yeesh. I suppose Woody Harrelson deserved it for choosing to take a nine day train ride instead of... Read More

15 Directors Meme

I’ve been tagged by filmgeek at Final Cut.  This one is simple enough, I’m to list fifteen directors who have changed the way I look at motion pictures.  See filmgeek’s selections here. Without putting too much thought into it, here are fifteen directors who came to mind sooner, rather than later (in reverse alphabetical order by first name, because I had to... Read More

No Children Allowed: Six movie strippers that make me want to bring my singles to the theatre

Yeah, this should be a ‘top five’ list, but I couldn’t choose a girl to be benched. So deal with it. 6. Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone – Showgirls I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen Showgirls. But I did watch Saved by the Bell! And if you didn’t picture Jesse Spano naked, well, you may be playing for the other team. I didn’t see... Read More

Five movies that convince me sexual promiscuity is a dangerous, dangerous game

Sex seems to cause an awful lot of problems in the world of film. These movies have provided me with clear, dangerous consequences of such activities. 5 – Match Point Infidelity can make very beautiful people do some very violent things. Betrayal, affairs, murders. Murders to cover up murders. In Woody Allen’s Dostoevskian world, things turn out okay for our anti-hero.... Read More

Five movies that make me never want to move to the suburbs

Since Netflix created an entire genre called Dark Suburban Dramas and keeps recommending me films from it, I’ve realized that I do, in fact, like dark suburban dramas.  So I’ve created this top five list of movies that make me want to stay as far away from suburbia as humanly possible. 5 – American Beauty Yes, there’s something about Sam Mendes that makes... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2009

For being a year where it seemed like nothing outstanding hit theatres, I really had a hard time narrowing down the list of the most memorable films.  In some of the lists before, I hated films so badly, they were listed because of the visceral reaction I have every time I pass them in Blockbuster.  Fortunately, this year, it’s hard to remember a film that I just hated (besides... Read More