Top Tens of the Decade: 2008

This list of the most memorable films of 2008 was much easier to create, since I posted it here a year ago. It seems that ’08 was a very good year for film. Much better than 2009. I saw over a hundred movies in theatres that year, so perhaps it wasn’t the film that was better, but just a larger sample to draw on. I reviewed almost all these films on my site. Click... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2007

2007 was a much quieter year than the few before it. Continued working with the same non-profit which sent me to Turkey and Russia again, but for the most part, I stayed in Utah. Much more exciting, however, was the fact that 2007 was a fantastic year for film. It was super tough to narrow it down to ten of the most memorable. Honorable mentions include The Lookout, Breach,... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2006

2006 was my first year back at college, adjusting to American life again.  I was finally really digging back into movies and attended Sundance for the first time.  I couldn’t stay away from the USSR and spent the summer traveling around Tajikistan and Azerbaijan with a non-profit.  During those long months of 130+ degree temperature, I ended up buying a whole lot of shitty... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2005

2005 was another year spend in seclusion in the former USSR.  Besides a few quick trips to Estonia, I spent the the year in Vsevolozhsk, and Nezhniy Novgorod, Russia.  Finally at the very end of the year, I made a short stop in Paris, but moved back to the States indefinitely.  I was completely out of the loop when I got home, and the first movies I ended up seeing were March... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2004

I got really held up on my list of memorable 2003 films. There seemed to be a dearth of good cinema then. But 2004 was totally a different story. It was really difficult to just narrow it down to ten. I saw all of these films after the fact. The majority of 2004 I spent living in a suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia, called Nevsky. I didn’t watch any films or TV in 2004.... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2003

2003 was a very interesting year for me.  I returned back to my mom’s place after my first year of college, which was, of course, hard.  I was 18 and wanted to go out to eat at four in the morning with like-minded 18 year olds.  Towards the end of 2003, I decided to move to Russia and  lead a monastic life for two years (seriously).  So for part of 2003, all of 2004,... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2002

Now for my top ten films of 2002.  Just a reminder of what this list actually means, these are not my favorite films of the years, not what I thought were technically the best films, but the films that left the most indelible impression on me.  The films I’ve never forgotten.  Check out the lists for 2000, and 2001. In 2002, I graduated high school (have I ever mentioned... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2001

In 2001, I turned 16, became a junior, got my first car and watched a lot of bad film.  Seriously.  Save the Last Dance, Tomb Raider, Thir13een Ghosts, all things I saw in the theatre.  There were a few gems I managed to catch on to.  Please, please don’t judge me. – Way back then, I had just acquired a brother-in-law who said that The Devil’s Backbone scared... Read More

Top Tens of the Decade: 2000

My favorite blog posts are usually lists.  Not those that I write (I really don’t compile lists), but the lists that you all make.  And I do like the idea of reviewing the past decade and making a top ten of each year.  So I’ve decided to do it. I will have to do it according to unorthodox parameters for lots of reasons.  The first being that I was 15-year-old sophomore... Read More

Five Favorite Films for Father’s Day

I copied the Mad Hatter on Mother’s Day, and now I’m copying him on Father’s Day (here’s his original post).  In honor of Father’s Day, I sent my Dad an email asking him about his five favorite films.  He’s kind of hard core (last weekend he was camping, and his Coleman stove blew up in his face, and he didn’t even cut the trip short,... Read More