Film/Lit Episode 1

We’re attempting a podcast. My sister of The Bluestocking Society and I have joined the forces of our collective knowledge of film and literature to produce a 20-ish minute long, bi-monthly (or semi-monthly if you prefer) podcast where we discuss… film and literature. It is called Film/Lit. We’ve produced the first episode which you can listen to at the Film/Lit... Read More

PostSecret and Frank Warren

Bitchin Film Reviews is, by and large, a place for film reviews. But I’ve been known to throw a book review in there every once in a while. Usually these are books optioned into movies, but still.  When I got a chance to review an advance copy of the new PostSecret book (thanks to my sister at The Bluestockings), I jumped at the chance since I’m a huge fan of the... Read More

Little Children – A Book Review

Tom Perrotta’s book Little Children is one of the most engaging books I’ve read since the Harry Potter series.  The author of Joe College and Election has proved once again that he is a master writer. Sarah is a feminist.  A a former bi-sexual activist, with a man-ish figure, who has strong opinions on literature and used to avoid shaving her legs.  She was tricked... Read More

The Road – A Book Review

For my second Lit Flicks Challenge book, I chose to read the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.  Although I never read No Country For Old Men, the movie fascinated me enough to at least take notice of McCarthy.  When I was told they were turning  The Road into a movie and it dealt with a mysterious, post-apocalyptic America, I knew I wanted to read it. ... Read More

Blindness – A Book Review

For my first Lit Flicks Challenge book, I chose to read Blindness by Nobel prize winner Jose Saramago. The book was optioned in to a movie. I caught a glimpse of it a few months ago, and can’t wait to see it. It is an official selection of the Toronto Film Festival, as well as the Cannes Festival. Blindness is the story of a society who’s citizens start going blind... Read More