Here’s to you Mr. Haneke

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Here’s to all of Michael Haneke’s films now being available on Netflix instant streaming.  Except The White Ribbon, of course.  Should you feel inclined, I highly recommend The Seventh Continent.  Just be sure you’re not depressed when you watch it.  It may push you off the edge.  Read More

The Seven Movie Question Meme

Rachel from Rachel’s Reel Reviews was kind enough to tag me in the meme du jour, aptly titled The Seven Movie Question Meme.  I’m not sure who made the visual on the left (was it you Rachel?), but well done. Let’s get down to business. 1. What was your first movie going experience? I’m sure that I saw movies in theatres before 1989, but the only memory I... Read More

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Definition: Seasonal Movie Affective Disorder (SMAD), also known as cinema depression or movie blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the months of January through April when cinema quality is completely ignored or, less frequently, in the summer (when forced to consider watching Michael... Read More

Where’s the bitchin’?

I’ve been pretty absentee lately. My movie mojo is gone for now. I’ve had the same four Netflix movies for about a month, and have only managed to catch two movies in theatres over the last month (The White Ribbon, The Crazies). Not even the hottest mess in the world, Helena Bonham Carter, could get me to drive the 1.3 miles to the nearest theatre.  It’ll come... Read More

Oscar Predictions!

The website is having a competition for film bloggers/critics surrounding the Oscars, and was kind enough to invite me to participate.  I love the Oscars.  And love guessing (correctly) who will win even more.  The competition rules are simple: choose the number of categories you’d like to guess (there’s no penalty for categories not considered),... Read More

Update! The 100 Movies I’ve Never Seen Project Giveaway

It’s been a bit more than a year since I began this little challenge.  The original post can be found here.  I was taking some time off from my life to nurse mono, and a friend of mine made me this list to gently introduce me to classic films.  Up until that point, I consciously stayed away from almost everything made before 1990.  Stupid, I know.  I didn’t get... Read More

Total Film says you should read Bitchin’ Film Reviews

The magazine Total Film published an article on their website today listing 600 blogs you should get to know. Bitchin’ Film Review makes an appearance on page four of the enormous list.  Almost all the blogs I read constantly made the list as well, like Dark of the Matinee, M. Carter @ The Movies, Reel Whore, The Flick Chick, etc., etc.  Thanks for the shout out Total Film!  Read More

Help out my friend at Final Cut

My friend over at Final Cut ( is writing her dissertation on women directors, and the Oscars.  As part of the research, she’s polling the blogosphere with three different surveys over the next couple months to get your opinions on the awards seasons.  The first survey is up and can be found here.  It takes about three minutes (and most of that... Read More

Inaccessible Director Challenge

The book blogging world just loves their challenges. They do a lot of them. My sister, a book blogger, just completed a summation of all the challenges she attempted in the year 2009. Check out her post here.  There are challenges about the number of books read, the type of book, the type of author, the number of pages.  It’s a handy idea to make sure you’re keeping... Read More

100 Movies I’ve Never Seen

Some of you may remember this ambitious post 10 months ago, inspired by Shannon at Movie Moxie, and her own list of movies she couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen.  I had great intentions on actually completing the list, but I have failed.  Miserably.   At least now I know that this is not possible to do in the three months I tried to do it in before.  I’ve decided... Read More