The End of Lit Flicks

The Lit Flicks Challenge is officially over (both mine, and my sister’s companionship challenge at  It was a pretty fun challenge for me, and a long one.  I can’t believe it started six months ago.  I’m proud to say that I finished my own challenge, while falling one book short for my sister’s.  Here are my entries: Book review:... Read More

Twice the Lit Flicks

I was a complete bastard during the first of January and didn’t put up a Lit Flicks Challenge winner. I have a list of excuses (mono, back pain, starting up school again, laziness), but I won’t list any of them here. The point is, I apologize. And so, I have two winners for this post. Thanks again for all who participated, there’s one month left, so get all your... Read More

Lit Flicks Challenge

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to get this post up on the first of the month. I guess I’m just a procrastinator. Thanks again to everyone that participated this month in the Lit Flicks Challenge.   It’s half over!  But there’s still plenty of time (3 months) to join now, or to keep up with the challenge.  Remember: you’re probably... Read More

Lit Flicks Challenge

It’s completely ridiculously that it’s already November. And, to make matters worse, it’s blizzarding outside. I don’t know if I can handle this. So, October ended, and I’m 5 days late in announcing the Lit Flicks challenge winner for this month (or last month I suppose).  Here were the rules to get an entry for the drawing: 1.  Signing up for the... Read More

Lit Flicks Challenge

Thanks to everyone that participated in the first month of the Lit Flicks Challenge!  If you’re fuzzy on the details of the challenge, check out the official page.  Remember, the challenge will continue on ’til February, so keep your reviews coming.  If reading is more your thing, check out Jessica’s companion challenge at For September,... Read More

Lit Flicks Challenge Begins

It’s finally time to start the Lit Flicks Challenge!  If you’re still not clear what this challenge is, you should read this blog more frequently, and read the rules and regulations here. To be entered in the drawing for the giveaway this month, there are a couple things you can do, each of which will give you an entry. First you should go to the Lit Flicks Challenge... Read More

Change in Challenge Plans…

So my sister at is hosting a Literature and Film blog-fest. Her rules can be found here.  I wrote about it yesterday…  Her challenge asks you to read 5 books, then see the film adaptations of two of them. Once you’ve reviewed the films and books, you place a link to your posts on her page. Instead of co-hosting, I’m hosting a companion challenge.... Read More

Lit Flicks Challenge from

My sister has a ridiculously well run book review blog at  She’s created a bitchin’ challenge/blog festival that you should all participate in.  Since she reviews books and I review film, we decided to collaborate and review the following subjects: books made into film, films made into books, film about books, books about film…really... Read More