A Poll. About Wes Anderson’s new project.

The last poll here at BFR was about the horrible line up of films April has to offer. I’m a bit surprised that the most looked forward to film of this month, according to all of you, is Your Highness. Folks, seriously?  I hope that would change now that we have a clearer picture of the films’ receptions. Your Highness received exactly one third of the votes.  But... Read More

A poll. About the steaming pile of films April will be serving up.

The last poll question involved how many words you are willing to read of review of a film you are interested in more than average. I was actually surprised at the answers. It seems you all have different standards when it comes to the appropriate length of a review. The most popular answer was 500 words, but that was only 24% of the vote. However, 750, 1000, and 2000 words each... Read More

A poll. About reading film criticism.

The last poll I posted, regarding how you see films for the most part, was particularly interesting to me. I’m not sure if it was for you, but I’m talking about me. I realized that I’m not a renter for the most part. Since the first of the year, I’ve probably rented three movies.  I found myself forced to mark the “I don’t rent for the most... Read More

A poll. About renting movies.

It’s been several weeks since the last poll. All regular posting was put on hold during the festival. And to be honest, it’s a bit difficult getting back into regular programming. But I’ll forge ahead, for all our sakes. The last poll was about movie purchasing habits. Seventeen percent of you say, “I buy everything I like! Including the most recent box... Read More

A Poll. About owning movies.

It seems that popcorn still reigns supreme among movie snacks. Twenty percent of you that took part in the last poll said that you primarily choose popcorn when you’re out at a theatre. An additional twenty percent voted for ‘All of it! Candy, soda and popcorn.’ I vow in 2011 to try this snack with more frequency. I’ll just be sure to keep floss in... Read More

A Poll. About Movie Snacks

I’m shocked, yes shocked at the results of the last poll. I really thought I knew how it would turn out, and I was totally wrong. It was split evenly among five films for so long, it only gave up a clear (but just barely) winner over the last day or two. I had no idea there was so much love for Inception. A great move, for sure. But Best Picture material? I must be dreaming.... Read More

Another poll. About the best of 2010

I’ll admit, the last poll I did about trailers was poorly thought out and more poorly executed. And I even used to design surveys for my job! I promise to do better. The bulk of voters, 35%, chose the option, ‘They are an art form in and of themselves’. To be honest, I can’t remember where I put my vote, since I feel the majority of the options apply,... Read More

Another poll. About trailers.

In the last poll, I asked you about the Best Actress Oscar race last year. I felt, as many of you did, that Sandra Bullock’s performance didn’t quite merit the award. And as Mad Hatter pointed out, it’s not like she was owed one from years of brilliant, unrecognized performances. So, the poll was about who should of won. And I’m pleased with the results. Over... Read More

A Poll. About Actresses. Best Actresses.

In the last poll, which was posted shortly before Halloween, I asked you what is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t bother making a comprehensive list since this subject seems to be so relative.  I threw the first few scary movies I could think of and posted the thing.  Perhaps it’s the way that I framed the poll, but I was pleasantly surprised to... Read More

A Poll. About Scary Movies.

The last poll I did was about girl directors.  Er, chick directors, as ‘girl’ seems to offend some people.  The results weren’t nearly as definitive as I thought they would be.  For some reason I assumed Jane Campion would be the clear favorite.  I’m not sure why I was so sure.  But I underestimated Sophia Coppola, who led the poll, with 42% of the votes.... Read More