A Poll. About girl directors.

It’s time for another bitchin’ poll.  But first, last weeks.  Last time I asked you which of the major film festivals lent the most credibility to their films.  I wasn’t too surprised by the results. Cannes received the most votes, with 36% of them. Toronto and Sundance tied, each with 27%. And there was one vote for Venice (9%). No one selected the ‘Other’... Read More

Another Poll.

Last week’s poll was meant to determine Oliver Stone’s greatest film.  It seems Platoon is by far and wide the favorite of his oeuvre, receiving two thirds of the votes.  The original Wall Street received just over thirteen percent of the votes, and World Trade Center, only seven.  Two votes were for other, mentioning U-Turn as a possible alternative.  I’ll... Read More

Another Poll. About Movies.

The results of the last poll are actually a bit surprising.  The question was about all of the awesome movies coming out between now and the end of the year, and which you are looking forward to the most. The Black Swan wins with 30% of the votes. The Tourist comes in at a close second with 25%. Next was a four way tie between 127 Hours, Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, and... Read More

A Poll. About Movies.

I don’t usually do polls, but I’m very enthusiastic about what this awards season has to offer. I’m curious to know which films you are all looking forward to the most. So please, tell me. (Sorry to you folks seeing this in a reader. I couldn’t figure how to make it appear without clicking over to the actual page.) Of all the bitchin’ films... Read More

Stanley Kubrick and The Limits of Control

It’s time for a little reader participation.  Last night while I was at work, I managed to watch three, count them, three Stanley Kubrick films.  Before last night, I had only seen two.  It was a good night.  The first was the unedited version of Eyes Wide Shut (believe it or not, I prefer the version the US released in theatres), the second: A Clockwork Orange, and third,... Read More