Interview with Noah Baumbach about Frances Ha

  If you haven’t seen Frances Ha yet and are able to do so, go see it.  I couldn’t recommend it more, especially if you’re a fan of Noah Baumbach who sat down with me at the San Francisco International Film Festival to discuss the film, co-writing and directing leading lady Greta Gerwig, why he doesn’t want you to ask him if he wants to direct a superhero... Read More

Interview with Greta Gerwig about Frances Ha

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Noah Baumbach if I tried. His latest film is a black and white comedy called Frances Ha. Greta Gerwig plays the titular character in the completely charming movie and took a moment to sit down and chat with me at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Why do you think you are so good at portraying women in different crises. I don’t... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Nobody Walks

I caught this one at Sundance this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the buzz since then hasn’t been great, I never tire of seeing John Krasinski in serious roles.  Read More

Sundance – Sleep Walk with Me

A few years back, my BFF went through a pretty serious breakup. Before the couple’s demise, they purchased tickets to go see Dane Cook in Las Vegas.  My buddy got custody of these tickets, and I ended replacing her on the trip.  In our defense, I’d like to point out that Dane Cook was the ex’s favorite comedian.  On the five-hour drive to Vegas, he popped in... Read More

Sundance – Beasts of the Southern Wild

I happened upon Beasts of the Southern Wild quite by accident. I had an unexpected free morning one day at the festival and just drove to the nearest theatre to waitlist whatever may be showing.  It was fortunate that I wandered into that screening.  In a year where the competition films (and most of the others) were generally weak, I just happened to stumble into the best film... Read More

SFIFF – Somebody Up There Likes Me

Sometimes, I’m a bit shallow when it comes to my film choices, particularly at festivals. I was attracted Bob Byington’s Somebody Up There Likes Me solely because Nick Offerman is in it. I will follow Ron Swanson anywhere. Including into screenings of caustic, mostly empty, deadpan comedies. Which Somebody totally is. Byington has six directing credits according to... Read More

SFIFF – The Sheik and I

I must admit, that I’m not familiar with filmmaker Caveh Zahedi’s work, but if The Sheik and I is any indication, his other stuff is worth checking out just for the interesting ideas he broaches. In Sheik, Zahedi turns the camera on himself, like he did in the feature-length documentary I am a Sex Addict where he explored his self-destructive addiction to prostitutes.... Read More

Interview With Tabloid Director Errol Morris

Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris is currently on the festival circuit with his new film Tabloid, about a former Ms. Wyoming who may or may not have kidnapped a Mormon missionary, chained him up in a ‘love cottage’ for three days and raped him. At least that is one version of the story out of many.  What I do know is that I couldn’t be more excited... Read More


Tabloid tells, without a doubt, the most batshit crazy, strangest story I think I’ve ever heard told in documentary form.  My jaw dropped during the first few minutes of the film, and I remained in an entertained state of shock throughout the remainder.  Errol Morris, who directed Tabloid is coming off his last film, the extremely poorly received Standard Operating Procedure,... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Bellflower

Nearly five months later, Bellflower is still one of the most unforgettable films of Sundance 2011.  The trailer is finally here, and it’s pretty awesome. My review is here.  My interview with the director is here.  Read More