Hitting theaters this Friday is Choke, coming to us from the ‘incendiary author of Fight Club!’  Who doesn’t get excited when the words ‘from the [insert pronoun here] who brought you Fight Club!;  Like most angsty young men, I hopped on that train when it came through.  Tyler Durden, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, they became my heroes.  I wanted the ‘Save... Read More


Be prepared to be shocked when watching Alan Ball’s feature-length directorial debut. The unflinchingly dark creator of HBO’s Six Feet Under, True Blood, and writer of the Oscar-winning film American Beauty, Ball went straight for the jugular with Towelhead, hoping to mix things up a little bit.  And that, he certainly does. Towelhead is based on the novel of the same... Read More

George A Romero’s Diary of the Dead

I’m not a huge horror fan. Freddy, Jason, little Asian girls that have weird eyes or come out of walls, they do nothing for me. I do however enjoy the few really well done horror movies that I’ve seen. These includes Neil Marshall’s ‘The Descent,’ and Danny Boyle’s ’28 Days Later’ to name a few. But even if you don’t particularly... Read More

Too Little Too Late

Sundance has been over for a week now. I went through this weird withdrawal/movie fatigue phase after it was all done. I was confused when I’d get up for the day, or after I’d get off work and there was no direction for me. I wasn’t supposed to hop in my truck and drive to the mountains to see movies. I had nothing to do. Well that’s how I felt anyway. I... Read More

Countdown to Sundance

There’s only three days until Sundance 2008 officially opens it’s doors. Well, 4 days for us schmucks who couldn’t cough up the $4,000 for carte blanc packages that would actually allow the attendance of opening day events. But who cares! It’s time to Sundance. The previous few years have consistently delivered completely satisfying experiences that left... Read More