Dead Snow (Død snø)

For those fans of horror, Dead Snow is just unmissable.  Watch the trailer, you’ll see why.  In the last year, Scandinavia has sent over some great films: Let the Right One In, Reprise, and now a bitchin’ movie about Nazi-zombies in the mountains of Norway.  It’s ‘good campy fun!’ For eight medical students, Easter vacation begins innocently enough.... Read More

Paper Heart

Paper Hearts will probably be one of the breakout films of this year’s Sundance Festival. And rightly so. It hits all the right notes, without pushing the boundaries of violence, sex or language. In fact, this will probably be rated PG.  After 2007’s Little Miss Sunshine, and The Illusionist, and Paper Heart from this year, perhaps Sundance’s reputation as... Read More


Since I’ve started attending Sundance, I’ve rumors about the films in the ‘Park City at Midnight’ categories.  Rumors of Asian movies that have people eating soup made out of fetuses, or about women with teeth in their vaginas.  I try to see a couple movies in this category each year.  Sometimes it pays off like when I saw The Descent.  Some years it... Read More

The Informers

Perhaps it’s the fact that director Gregor Jordan (who has made multiple appearances at Sundance since 1996) compared himself to Robert Altman, and this film to Short Cuts during the Q&A, but The Informers is just a film that I can’t jump behind.  You could also chalk it up to not understanding a single thing that came out of the eighties (I was 5 in 1989).  Or... Read More

Victoria Day

There isn’t one major problem with David Bezmozgis’ piece Victory Day.  Except that it’s just boring.  And a little confusing.  But I’m guessing if you like hockey, you might find it a little more entertaining.  I’d like to embrace Canadian film, but this isn’t helping things. With the long Victoria Day weekend signaling the end of school,... Read More

Carmo, Hit the Road

International films get the short end of the stick at Sundance. Everyone wants to see the Joseph Gorden Levitt/Zooey Deschanel movie, or whatever Greg Mottola put out (I’m guilty of this too), while theaters for the world dramatic films sit half empty. This is a real shame, because there are some pretty bitchin’ independent foreign films as well. Coming from Brazil,... Read More

Cliente – A French Gigolo

The French handle sex in cinema far better than any country, in my humble opinion. Especially better than America who still giggles at it and acts like a teenager who just found his first porno under his dad’s bed. It’s for this reason I chose to see Cliente – A French Gigolo. This story follows Judith (Nathalie Baye). An elegant entrepreneur in her fifties,... Read More


The Sundance darling of 2009 was clearly decided before it even started. People have been waiting for Greg Mottola’s followup to Superbad for quite a while now, and Adventureland is it. Although the film shouldn’t have been purchased before the festival (or at least not before the P.I. screenings), trailers for Adventureland were played nationwide before Doubt.  It’s... Read More

The Messenger

There’s something slightly odd about a former Israeli army officer making a movie about broken American veterans of the war in Iraq. But that’s just what The Messenger is.  The film is Oren Moverman’s directorial debut and is currently in competition at Sundance. The story follows Will (Ben Foster), a decorated war hero that came home with a purple heart for... Read More

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

After watching Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, it’s become painfully clear that John Krasinski is wasting his time on the The Office.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love The Office.  I want Dwight and Angela to be together just as much as the next guy.  But while watching Krasinski’s directorial debut, I became much more excited about him as a director, then him... Read More