I want to rub this trailer all over me – Nobody Walks

I caught this one at Sundance this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the buzz since then hasn’t been great, I never tire of seeing John Krasinski in serious roles.  Read More

Sundance – Sleep Walk with Me

A few years back, my BFF went through a pretty serious breakup. Before the couple’s demise, they purchased tickets to go see Dane Cook in Las Vegas.  My buddy got custody of these tickets, and I ended replacing her on the trip.  In our defense, I’d like to point out that Dane Cook was the ex’s favorite comedian.  On the five-hour drive to Vegas, he popped in... Read More

Sundance – Beasts of the Southern Wild

I happened upon Beasts of the Southern Wild quite by accident. I had an unexpected free morning one day at the festival and just drove to the nearest theatre to waitlist whatever may be showing.  It was fortunate that I wandered into that screening.  In a year where the competition films (and most of the others) were generally weak, I just happened to stumble into the best film... Read More