Someone Won Monsters on BluRay

There was considerable interest in this giveaway. Which was a bit of a relief. The last time I tried to give away a brand new copy of Inglourious Basterds, not a single person took me up on it! In the interest of full transparency (something my state just voted to do away with completely), each entry received a unique number, based on the order I received them.  Then I used a... Read More

Monsters BluRay Giveaway!

As luck would have it, I was accidentally sent two review copies of the Monsters BluRay. I tried to send it back, but they don’t want it! So I thought I’d give it away to one of you. And although I’ve been thinking for several days about a creative, fun way to do this, I can’t.  So it’s come down to this.  Everyone gets one entry for following... Read More

Winner winner chicken dinner

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the giveaway. Remember, if you’re still subscribed to, switch over to You’re all bitchin. The winner, believe it or not, is Rachel, from Rachel’s Reel Reviews. Rachel, step forward and accept your prize. Or just email me about it. It’s... Read More

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Remember the trailer for Thanksgiving at the beginning of Grindhouse? That was bitchin’.  In an effort to straighten up my place before relatives arrive to stay for the holidays, I’ve been cleaning up my DVDs that lay strewn everywhere.  I found a few unopened DVDs that are either duplicates, or I’m certain I’ll never watch them again.  In an attempt... Read More