Interview with Ólöf Arnalds

I’ve had a serious crush on a woman named Ólöf Arnalds for a little over a year now. I first became acquainted with her through an interview on NPR. She’s a musician from Iceland, and I really, really dig her stuff. She’s currently touring to promote her sophomore album titled Innundir Skinni. I badgered her label, One Little Indian Records, to get me a few... Read More

PostSecret and Frank Warren

Bitchin Film Reviews is, by and large, a place for film reviews. But I’ve been known to throw a book review in there every once in a while. Usually these are books optioned into movies, but still.  When I got a chance to review an advance copy of the new PostSecret book (thanks to my sister at The Bluestockings), I jumped at the chance since I’m a huge fan of the... Read More

Catching Out, plus an interview with the director, Sarah George

Sarah George’s 2003 documentary Catching Out has a very nostalgic, and ethereal feel. It follows self-proclaimed tramps, hobos, and societal outcasts that choose to illegally hop freight trains to travel the country, trying to keep alive a very American tradition under siege by new, tougher laws, and less tolerant railroad companies.  These scruffy people claim it’s... Read More