Robot & Frank

Is it impossible not to be charmed by a film about a retired cat burglar who becomes friends with his robot care taker, who then become burgling together? Almost. Especially in the capable hands of a man as talented as Frank Langella. It is he who plays the titular Frank. Robot is voiced by a HAL9000-sounding Peter Sarsgaard.  Frank’s children are played by Liv Tyler and... Read More


As infuriating as Craig Zobel’s Compliance is, any righteous indignation will likely be potentiated when considering the fact this story is true, based on true events. What’s worse, and perhaps the most intriguing, is there may be something inside you that says you may just have acted the same way if you were in the same circumstances that Zobel’s characters found... Read More


by Adam Young  Sitting down in the theatre to watch lawless with my wife and friends, I had mixed emotions and no serious expectations outside of the fact that I knew there would be violence and some very slick hair cuts. What I left the theatre with was much, much more than I expected. Lawless follows the bootlegging careers of the three Bondurant brothers Jack (Shia LaBeouf),... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is a 2004 novel by British author David Mitchell. It won much acclaim upon its release, it was even shortlisted for the Booker Prize.  It consists of six stories that take place in different time periods, from the South Pacific in the 19th century, to the distance, post-apocalyptic future.  Like Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, all these seemingly... Read More


There were those that worried David Cronenberg’s last film, A Dangerous Method, was if anything, not dangerous at all. The director, with his infamous reputation as the king of horror and the macabre, came out a four-year hiatus not with a bang, but more with a whimper. This move was particularly disappointing considering his strong displays the few previous years which included... Read More

Today I Feel Like This

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The Awakening

We’ve seen everything in The Awakening before. In movies like The Others, or more recently even, The Woman in Black. This means that, at times, The Awakening is a bit boring, and sometimes even tedious. But that’s not to say it’s not without its charms. Although Awakening is a ghost story, it is also a detective story.  Sherlock Holmes investigates the supernatural... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Nobody Walks

I caught this one at Sundance this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the buzz since then hasn’t been great, I never tire of seeing John Krasinski in serious roles.  Read More

Ridley Scott postpones ‘The Counselor’ in the Wake of his brother’s death

The rippling effects of Tony Scott’s untimely suicide continue to make themselves known in the first days after the incident. HuffPo is now reporting that Ridley Scott, Tony’s younger brother, has decided to postpone the production of The Counselor. It’s a completely understandable and supportable decision, if still a disappointment. The two brothers shared a... Read More

Did Baz Luhrmann’s reimagining of The Great Gatsby run out of money?

The recent announcement that Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby for the big screen would be moved from Christmas 2012 to summer of 2013 made many question the quality of the film. Had Warner Brothers seen the film and decided it wasn’t a serious awards contender? Luhrmann’s stuff is always on the edge of kitsch. This seemed like the logical contender,... Read More