Film/Lit Episode 1

We’re attempting a podcast. My sister of The Bluestocking Society and I have joined the forces of our collective knowledge of film and literature to produce a 20-ish minute long, bi-monthly (or semi-monthly if you prefer) podcast where we discuss… film and literature. It is called Film/Lit. We’ve produced the first episode which you can listen to at the Film/Lit... Read More

BFR on the Matineecast

  Hatter at the Dark of the Matinee officially popped my podcast cherry.  I was a guest on his award-winning show The Matineecast which went up on his website today.   Joanna from Cine-fille (an awfully clever name) joined in too.  We found ourselves discussing Super 8, The Green Lantern and some other very interesting stuff.  Check it out at his page here.  Or search... Read More