Why I want to rub movie posters all over me

It’s no secret that I want to rub a number of movie posters all over me. The film industry staked its claim on a large part of the popular culture of the last century. This is why the posters associated with many of these films became nothing short of iconic. A film poster has every right to be as treasured as an album cover, and the best ones seem to encapsulate exactly what... Read More

I want to rub this poster all over me – We Need to Talk About Kevin

Absolutely one of the best films of the year. Now with one of the best one sheets of the year as well.  Read More

I want to rub this poster all over me: Tyrannosaur

I passed on screening Tyrannosaur at Sundance this year mostly because it was sure to receive a wider-than-limited release in theatres near me.  I am excited to see what Paddy Considine will do behind the camera. And now that my appetite has been whet by this incredibly stunning one-sheet, I’m bummed I didn’t make the effort in January.  Read More

I want to rub this poster all over me – Bell Flower

I really do. Review of the film here. Interview with the director here.  Read More

I want to rub this poster all over me – Shame

The first poster has surfaced for the new film, Shame.  Why is Shame so special?  Yes, it does share its title with a particularly poignant Bergman film from the sixties.  But also because Steve McQueen is directing.  And Michael Fassbender is starring.  Yes, it’s true.  And if this film is anything like Hunger, it’s going to be one of my favorite films of the... Read More