Iron Man 3 is Coming

The San Francisco International Film Festival begins next week and I’m excited to be covering the festival for the third year in a row.  It’s exciting taking a peek at some of the films that will slowly be trickling into theaters throughout the rest of the year.  With a host of great movies due for release, it is interesting to consider how many will be sequels, sequels that... Read More

Why I want to rub movie posters all over me

It’s no secret that I want to rub a number of movie posters all over me. The film industry staked its claim on a large part of the popular culture of the last century. This is why the posters associated with many of these films became nothing short of iconic. A film poster has every right to be as treasured as an album cover, and the best ones seem to encapsulate exactly what... Read More

BBC’s Life on Blu-ray

Life is a sprawling, ten episode nature documentary, first aired on on BBC One and BBC HD in late 2009. Commissioned by Peter Fincham just weeks after he became the Network Controller of BBC One, it was a bold move for someone who just became the boss. The series was shot entirely in high-definition. It took three years of filming, on seven continents. Seventy camera crews... Read More

The Dark Knight on Blu-ray

Can you believe that it’s been four years since The Dark Knight was in theatres? It’s true. It was released in 2008. And it’s been four years since I’ve seen The Dark Knight.  But now seems like a good time to refresh myself, so I can really whet my appetite for The Dark Knight Rises.  And whet my appetite it did. I have a bad habit of diminishing Christopher... Read More

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on Blu-ray

I am always game for a Guy Ritchie film. I was even a fan of the ridiculously pretentious and flawed Revolver. Style over substance is okay with me. Most of the time.  There’s not quite anyone who can find the humor and brutality of the British underworld like him.  Mike Leigh is pretty good at the underworld part, but his movies aren’t that funny (except for Happy-Go-Lucky).... Read More

Project X on Blu-ray

I’ve been a bit curious about Project X since it was in theatres. Granted, not curious enough to pay to see it, but still, I like movies about parties that get out of control. And I’m always interested in something Todd Phillips will put his name on (for Project X he’s listed as a producer, noticeably not an executive producer).  Even it’s just a hate-watch,... Read More

Happy Feet Two on Blu-ray

Every time a Pixar film comes out, I feel a little bit dead inside. They generally don’t speak to me. I’m not charmed by them like most people seem to be. I’ve generally stopped watching them because I prefer to avoid that awkward moments when someone asks me exactly how much I loved it.  This is one of the reasons that I rarely watch animated films.  I have... Read More

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on Blu-ray

When I was a young child, anything that had the word ‘journey’, ‘mysterious’ or ‘island’ in it, I totally would have been hooked. So you can imagine how excited I was when Warner Brothers sent me a copy of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I didn’t realize this was a sequel, so I just assumed the 2 stood for ‘two times the excitement... Read More

Malcolm X on Blu-ray

I love nearly every single thing about Spike Lee’s Joint, Malcolm X. This was my first time viewing it. I’ve never found much appealing about Denzel Washington, I feel like he plays the same character in every film. While I committed to watch all three and half hours of Malcolm X, I felt certain I would need to break it up into a few different viewings, perhaps over... Read More

J. Edgar on Blu-ray

One would think that a biopic about one of the most powerful and controversial men of the last one hundred years would be interesting. Most likely a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser , somewhat a narcissist, J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone. So when you consider what exactly Clint Eastwood is presenting in J. Edgar, it’s disappointing.  And it does seem that Eastwood... Read More