Music from Another Year: Fall On Your Sword

Mike Cahill’s Another Earth made a name for itself at Sundance earlier this year. It’s Cahill’s first narrative feature, and he managed to get the film nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, and win the Special Jury and Alfred P. Sloan Prizes. Another Earth’s high-concept and low-budget made it a risky process that relies heavily on all the individual parts... Read More

Werner Herzog on The Colbert Report

I don’t often watch The Colbert Report any more. While I’d like to blame Hulu and Comedy Central failing to come to an agreement which pulled the show from the online service last year, the truth is I grow tired of how stupid politics in America are. And no matter how well Colbert points out the idiocy, I still just get frustrated. However, last night’s guest,... Read More

Good Valentine’s Day

This is old news, and only two thirds movie related, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and talking about it anyway. Yesterday was a very, very good Valentine’s.  First, I wake up to Pitchfork telling me Radiohead announced a new album being released.  This Saturday.  It’s like Thom Yorke was asking me to be his Valentine.  Yes, Thom, yes!  A thousand times... Read More

Interview with Ólöf Arnalds

I’ve had a serious crush on a woman named Ólöf Arnalds for a little over a year now. I first became acquainted with her through an interview on NPR. She’s a musician from Iceland, and I really, really dig her stuff. She’s currently touring to promote her sophomore album titled Innundir Skinni. I badgered her label, One Little Indian Records, to get me a few... Read More

David Lynch!

I try very hard to rarely stray from the topic of film here at Bitchin’ Film Reviews.  But sometimes I can’t help myself, like now.  Have you seen the music video David Lynch made for Moby?  It’s bitchin’.  Now if only he’d just stop producing stuff and do another feature length film… Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby on Vimeo.  Read More

Taking a Quick Break

I only watched one movie today, and it was so boring I didn’t even finish it (sorry ‘Life Aquatic’ fans, it’s just not that good of a film). So I’m taking a break to show you this little video clip masterpiece. In response to the Radiohead contest of remixing one of their latest singles, ‘Nude,’ one of the contestants made this video. Be... Read More

Long Live Radiohead

Enjoy this tidbit from Radiohead’s latest webcast.  Read More