earthWalt Disney’s newest branch, DisneyNature, has appointed itself the ambassador, to children, from the planet. It’s first film, Earth, was released on Earth Day, and a trailer is already available for the film to be released on the same day next year.

Despite seeming to have somewhat altruistic intentions, Earth is mostly a let down.  It’s basically recycled, and watered-down parts of the wildly successful TV series Planet Earth, reconstructed and dumbed down to appeal to a younger audience than usually watches BBC, Discovery or Animal Planet.

The visuals of the film are breathtakingly beautiful, that can’t be denied.  There is some truly remarkable footage of animals and environments from around the globe, from the arctic to the tropics to the antarctic.  But as a documentary, it’s rather unfulfilling.  The adverts that promised an indepth history of the last year in the life of three animal families is vastly overexaggerated.  The film glosses over so many subjects, and discusses them so briefly, the viewer’s curiosity is never really satisfied.  Earth also features one of the most overbearing scores in recent film history that uses tired, wordless, operatic singing and increasingly melodramatic classical music to tell us when to feel sorry of the polar bear that dies or when to be impressed by the vastness of Niagra Falls.  People actually interested in a documentary about Earth should just watch Planet Earth.


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