Friends and laugh tracks

I had an outline for this blog, but I have to comment on this movie that’s on TV. I’m at work and the guys have chosen to watch CMT. I’m personally afraid of this channel. I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep watching country music videos and wake up racist. Yes, if you listen to country music, you’re racist.

The music videos ended and an old western came on. It’s showing a group of white taskmasters supervising a group of black railroad workers. As a side note, they’re censoring the word ‘nigger’ left and right. Well, somehow, racial tensions escalated and now they’re in an accapella sing-off. Boy can those boys sing.

Since the premiere of The Office, I’ve been a little pouty. I feel that the creator’s of this show have become too greedy. When NBC purchased 30 episodes, I had complete faith that the writers would be able to keep up the level of comic genius that trademarks the previous season. I’ve heard different opinions of the premiere, but I thought it was excessively mediocre.

Because of this, I’m turning to Friends, the show that never let me down (except for that one episode where Joey could speak French by making random noises). I’ve watched half of the first season and it’s hilarious. The only issue I have with this show is the laugh tracks. It’s driving me insane!

I don’t watch much TV anymore, but the things I do watch are in similar format to The Office–mockumentaries, reality TV, things not accompanied by a laugh track. Now every time that annoying sound comes on, I cringe and it’s stealing the humor right out from under me. I’ve only watched 12 episodes and there’s still 9 1/2 seasons left. I can grow accustomed to it, I’m sure. Plus, I’d do anything for Chandler and Phoebe. They light up my life.


When I arrived at work today, I found at that Dwayne had decided to confess to his crimes today. At the police station, they decided to hold him over night until a preliminary hearing tomorrow. His case worker with Chrysalis will be attending the hearing and requesting that the prosecutor keeps him in custody (up to three months) until Dwayne’s trail. Chrysalis will not be welcoming him back in to the program and because of his extensive criminal history, the state has cut his funding for such programs. Things are not looking good for him.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love Friends and interracial western musicals. Best blog ever.

  2. Jessica says:


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