Ghost Town

This mediocrity of this film was so frustrating, I wanted to throw up twenty minutes into it.  Co-written, and directed by David Koepp (the guy who directed box-office disappointments like Secret Window, and Stir of Echos), Ghost Town is barely able to keep the attention of it’s audience, most of the time leaving the viewers bored and less-than-impressed with Ricky Gervais’ tired tricks from the British version of The Office.

Stylistically, Koepp had nothing to say.  This was like a plain white t-shirt.  Nothing to even talk about.  The plot follows protagonist Bertram Pincus (by the way, if you think people mispronouncing his name as ‘Pink-ass’ is funny, this film is for you) played by Ricky Gervais.  During a routine medical procedure, Pincus dies for 7 minutes.  From that point on, he’s able to see dead people.  When the dead people find out, they follow him around, wanting him to finish their unfinished business…  One particular fast talker, Frank (Greg Kinnear) convinces Pincus to help break up the engagement of his former wife (played by Tea Leoni) to a do-gooder lawyer.  In the meantime, Pincus falls in love, and if you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy, you know exactly what happened the rest of the hour and a half (except this time, some of the characters are ghosts!).

Koepp was scraping at the bottom of the comedy barrel to get his laughs.  The viewer is subject to scenes were Pincus shows us the multiple faces he can make while gagging, extended dialogue where he discusses his bowel movements, and a scene that apparently I didn’t get because several around me were laughing like crazy, where Pincus just drinks laxatives for a while.  And you never get tired of watching Gervais talk to a ghost that the people around him can’t see!  What a comical misunderstanding.  Get it?  They think he’s crazy.

If cookie-cutter plots and potty humor is what it takes to get you off, then check out Ghost Town.  If not, skip this, don’t even rent it.  Ever.


Rottentomatoes: 86%Cream of the Crop: 90%

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4 Responses to “Ghost Town”
  1. Anders says:

    Adamant as i am that the British version of The Office is the ONLY Office….I’m hoping to disagree with you on this one when it comes to Australian cinemas.

    That being said, it’s good to see a different opinion on this one.

  2. i liked this movie.

    so suck on that.

  3. Blake says:

    Anders and Cindy, I’m guessing, no, I know, that I’m in the vast minority when it comes to this film. I’m glad other people got enjoyment out of it. In all honesty, there were probably things I just didn’t get.

  4. magicman says:

    This movie reminds me of another great… the one with Jon Heder, Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon, what’s it called? Oh yeah! Just like Heaven! I feel like next time we use the ouija board, we should try to contact Reese or Greg.

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