Here’s to you Mr. Haneke

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Here’s to all of Michael Haneke’s films now being available on Netflix instant streaming.  Except The White Ribbon, of course.  Should you feel inclined, I highly recommend The Seventh Continent.  Just be sure you’re not depressed when you watch it.  It may push you off the edge.

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5 Responses to “Here’s to you Mr. Haneke”
  1. Frank says:

    I think they screwed up with Funny Games U.S. – when I went to watch it on instant, it was the original. I’m not bitching, I watched it anyway. 🙂
    .-= Frank´s last blog ..The Directors: The Coen Brothers =-.

  2. I haven’t watched the movie you’ve mentioned. I’ve watched his Funny Games (the original Austrian version), Piano Teacher, Cache/Hidden & The White Ribbon. Liked all four, though White Ribbon, in my opinion, is his masterpiece – what a powerful movie it was!!!
    .-= Shubhajit Lahiri´s last blog ..Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [1964] =-.

  3. Genuinely envious of Netflix, at the moment there’s nothing that awesome in the UK. Been meaning to crack through his 3-disc box set (Fragments / Benny / Continent) for years now. Funny games still haunts me after all these years.
    .-= Paragraph Film Reviews´s last blog ..Blazing Saddles =-.

  4. Fletch says:

    The only Haneke flick I’ve seen is The White Ribbon. To be honest (and somewhat ashamed), I don’t think I’d heard of him until the Funny Games redux, and after the reactions from that, I avoided him like the plague (I had heard of Cache, but wasn’t really aware of the director). I don’t feel like being the pawn in some dude’s experiment in human behavior/reactions. Kind of the same reasons I avoid von Trier and his Dogma whatever.

    Still not sure what I make of The White Ribbon, other than not exactly getting what all of the fuss was over. I’m not opposed to learning more in the future, but I wasn’t awed, either.
    .-= Fletch´s last blog ..The State of the Cabins (5/19/10) =-.

  5. Blake says:

    @ Frank – Hmmm, I haven’t tried to watch either of them on Netflix, but they’re both fantastic.

    @ Shubhajit – Can’t argue with that. The White Ribbon is in a league of its own.

    @ Paragraph – No Netflix equivalent on your side of the pond! Sounds like an opportunity to make some money… That’s an awesome trilogy, although 71 Fragments, for me at least, was definitely one of his most inaccessible. That an The Castle.

    @ Fletch – For some reason, I really love the games Haneke plays with my mind, but von Trier on the other hand, his tactics are really pissing me off. So I can see where you’re coming from. If you do feel like giving him a chance, Cache is a straight up awesome psychological thriller. I’m sure there’s more than meets the eye, but it delivers the goods on even the most superficial level.
    .-= blake´s last blog ..Five movies that make me never want to move to the suburbs =-.

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