6 Responses to “I want to rub this trailer all over me – Mildred Pierce”
  1. The big reason I want to see this: Todd Haynes.

    He’s made what I believe are three great films with “Safe”, “Far from Heaven”, and “I’m Not There”. I’m planning to do an essay of his career after catching up on some Oscar-related films just so I can focus on him.
    Steven Flores´s last blog post ..Hedwig &amp the Angry Inch

  2. Blake says:

    @ Steven – You know, I can definitely tell Todd Haynes is talented. And I’ll see anything he puts out really. But he’s not a filmmaker I’ll really line up to see. Winslet is the big draw for me here.

  3. jannifer says:

    Todd Haynes! you are amazing. I saw all his movies.

  4. Marsha Leigh says:

    …yes I’ll watch…but have any of you seen the original? I mean..if anyone can top Joan Crawford “maybe” Kate can..a real wait and see.
    Marsha Leigh´s last blog post ..Archie-Veronica-Jughead &amp Me

  5. Blake says:

    @ Marsha – Hmmm, I’m exposing my ignorance, but I wasn’t even aware this was a remake. I’ll have to do some research.

  6. Marsha Leigh says:

    @Blake.. Omdz yes a classic film noir if there ever was one- fabulous..

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