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  1. Frank says:

    I watched this with much anticipation. I was left a little empty. I will see it though – mark my words.
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  2. blake says:

    @ Frank – Truth be told, I’m pretty disappointed with it too. Another story about rich sad people living in a hotel. But it’s Sophia! So I’ll definitely be seeing it too.
    blake´s last blog post ..I want to rub this trailer all over me nice and slow

  3. Anna says:

    i am curious about this film…

    you know what your blog is missing? a search function.

  4. Rachel says:

    Stephen Dorff’s in something that doesn’t look like total shite?! I don’t believe it.
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  5. Looking forward to Somewhere. Stephen Dorff looks like Ewen Mcgregor at 1.29, his smile that is.

    I’m undecided about Sofia Coppola. She seems to struggle creating a plot in her films. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the atmosphere in Lost in Translation, and adore the soundtracks to her films so far.

    I guess time will tell, if she is an above-average director
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  6. Blake says:

    @ Anna – Added the search function for you! Didn’t realize people wanted to search the BFR archives…

    @ Rachel – Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Dorff in anything. Ever. But I was not impressed with his IMDb resume. I’m becoming more and more worried about this project.

    @ Moviesandsong365 – I thought the exact same thing about Ewan McGregor. They look identical there. I’m just hoping Sophia isn’t like her Dad, and ends up burning really brightly for a few films and then failing the rest of his career.

  7. Fletch says:

    Made for a great music video, and gives off a Garden Statey vibe, but I’m not sure the movie will be as good as the trailer.

    I thought Stephen Dorff was dead. Somehow, I get him confused with Brad Renfro (somewhat understandable until you consider that he’s about a decade older than Renfro would be).
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  8. Anna says:



    I don’t know if people want it, but I do!

  9. Anna says:

    I think what Sophia is trying to do is kinda like the same thing Aronofsky did with Mickey Rourke and “The Wrestler”. I am still curious about it, even though Sophia is kinda fishy to me.

  10. Branden says:

    You’re welcome, Blake

  11. Blake says:

    @ Fletch – I totally see the resemblance… Here’s hoping it’s not just a great music video.

    @ Anna – Sophia is kind of fishy to you?! Okay, I can understand that. As a disciple, I want to declare all sorts of blind faith, but I’m going to wait for this film to make up my final decision.

    @ Branden – As per your advice, I’m following /film.

  12. CMrok93 says:

    Here’s hoping to something as beautiful as Lost in Translation.

  13. New Sofia Coppola! That’s exciting. She’s a director I quite like, even given the fact that she made “Marie Antoinette,” which I still argue wasn’t as bad as everyone said.
    M. Carter @ the Movies´s last blog post ..Netflix Pick: “The Birds” (1963)

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