Jackass 3D

I’m gross. I know. I saw Jackass 3D. In actual 3D, too. Not in two dimensions like the theatre offered in another screening. I was difficult to leave my pretentious card at home. Especially when I had to made the decision between this film and Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void. While the charm of the Jackass films fades in my memory quickly, even if I do remember how much I thought the movie was funny, I remember how much I laughed.

It was almost like going to a high school reunion, seeing Johnny Knoxville, Steve-o, James Dunn, and the others on the screen.  And a high school reunion adequately represents what I felt while watching their film.  I was anxious to get a glimpse of these former acquaintances, but much more in a voyeuristic way, an urge Facebook could have satisfied.  I ended up regretting my attendance as then, whether I liked it or not, I was committed, even for just ninety minutes, to awkward small talk and forced trips down memory lane.

Signs that the MTV sponsored asses are aging were painfully obvious.  The boys were slower to stand up after getting punched in the junk.  Feelings seemed to get hurt more easily.  References to Steve-o’s sobriety, painful hangovers, and closing credits rolling over the jackasses’ kids– it all served as a reminder that even the douchiest move on.  Unless there’s a pay check involved.  While the crew paid tribute to some of their hallmark funny gags (Steve-0 jumping into a moving ceiling fan), there were, of course, new tricks of various ambition.  And I laughed at almost all of them.  As long as they didn’t involve shit of any variety.

Still, it’s an old schtick and putting it in 3D can compensate for that (even the special effect laden ending seemed to suggest they were kind of half-assing it)..  Threats of theatrical release of Jackass 3.5 are doing nothing to help matters.  Bottom line?  I laughed.  A lot.  However, I was disappointed in the filmmakers, but mostly myself.


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2 Responses to “Jackass 3D”
  1. melanie says:

    i cannot justify paying my good money seeing those dudes pull pranks on screen and call it a movie. in fact, it pisses me off how much success they have had. in my humble opinion.

    i do applaud steve-o for pulling his life together for the better. his story would make a good feature.
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  2. Blake says:

    @ melanie – I admitt! I’m kind of gross for seeing this and I would never, ever recommend it to anyone but a select group of my few republican friends.

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