Kick Ass

It’s not, as many have already warned, pleasant watching an eleven year-old girl use that special c-word slur for women (among other terms), or get beaten to a bloody pulp by a much older man. This is true even more when it’s happening in a mediocre movie like Kick Ass.

The premise is frighteningly self-aggrandizing.  Loser kid, played by (good looking of course, but disguised as ugly by Harry Potter-esque glasses,  poor wardrobe choices, and worse looking friends), puts on a green wet suit, becomes a failed servant of vigilante justice, and gets the wicked hot chick that thinks he’s gay.

Kick Ass, as he calls himself, quickly inspires all sorts of social retards to don their own costumes and fight super villains.  These include Big Daddy (Nic Cage), Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), and Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), check out his official IMDb head shot…).  Cage spends his time behind his super hero mask channeling an exaggerated William Shatner.  That may work for Priceline commercials, but it comes of as him half-assing it here.  Moretz has the controversial task of repeating lines that would feel right at home in Pulp Fiction, but nevertheless, feels forced and just plain wrong coming out of someone who hasn’t even hit junior high yet.  All the while, she pulls off this acting job more smug than Dakota Fanning after she filmed Hounddog. This is not a compliment.  The most talented of all the actors, Mark Strong (who worked with this director in Stardust), is restricted by a flat script, and trying to hide his British accent.  Stick with Guy Ritchie, Mr. Strong.

Speaking of Tarantino films, any comparison between Kill Bill and Kick Ass is completely ridiculous.  In fact, the only thing the two share in common is a spot here and there of spaghetti western music, and putting a deadly little girl assassin in a catholic school girl dress with knee-high socks.  But when it comes down to the quality of the filmmaking, Matthew Vaughn (who directed and co-wrote Kick Ass) will only ever dream of producing something that well done.  This, of course, is a shame.  Vaughn showed great promise with his Guy Ritchie-style Brit film Layer Cake.

One of the most distracting qualities of the movie, besides Mr. Cage, was the horribly overbearing score.  Not to mention, vast portions of it are recycled loops from Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, and Sunshine.  In fact, Vaughn seemed to borrow quite of a few of scenes from better movies as well.  There’s a fine line between an homage, and straight up ripping a better movie, or director off.  Vaughn crossed that line.  Add all this to a shamelessly open ended conclusion which will undoubtedly lead to sequel taking up more of your local theatres’ screens, Kick Ass comes off as a mildly entertaining, but equally annoying introduction to summer blockbusters.


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9 Responses to “Kick Ass”
  1. Castor says:

    Good to see you back in action! Too bad you didn’t enjoy Kick Ass as much as I did 🙁
    .-= Castor´s last blog ..Are Hollywood Actors Overpaid? =-.

  2. Welcome back Blake!!!! *cheers*

    Great review. I didn’t pick up on the Danny Boyle film score-ness, but I don’t remember the score that well. I totally did not love this film, although wasn’t ever convinced it was for me to begin with. Way to bloody + reality land for me, thought it might have some heart but alas it just had some lust. Ah, well.
    .-= Shannon the Movie Moxie´s last blog ..The Losers =-.

  3. Aiden R. says:

    First off, great to have you back. Secondly, great to see you didn’t like this either. Completely agree with ever point, especially Hit Girl and her forced, C-word-laden dialogue that totally didn’t work. Didn’t get the appeal to this movie or why I find myself defending how much it sucked on a daily basis, but whatever, at least I’m not the only one out there.
    .-= Aiden R.´s last blog ..Lost in Translation (2003) =-.

  4. Fair review I’d say. Pretty much got the same views although I had totally slid into the “Indifference” camp by the end.

    I could have sworn that in the version I saw Hit Girl didn’t cay the C word, but I probably wouldn’t have noticed seeing as I’d already seen her get SHOT IN THE CHEST, TWICE!!
    .-= Paragraph Film Reviews´s last blog ..The Good, The Bad, The Weird =-.

  5. Simon says:

    wow. impressive beating of kick-ass…

    the music bothered me too … but i did enjoy it, the music just ruined the climax that little bit too much. Its annoying to think that people who watch ‘Sunshine’ and ’28 Days Later’ AFTER Kick-Ass will have those films spoiled by the music.


  6. blake says:

    @ Castor – Thanks man, it’s good to be back.

    @ Shannon – Thanks! That’s a great way to put it, it felt kind of shallow.

    @ Aiden – Thanks buddy. I’m not quite sure why this has such a solid fan base either. Everyone I know personally really like it. But my blogging friends know better.

    @ Paragraph – I guess indifferent is how I feel. The memory fades fast. Perhaps your local community censored it? I live in Salt Lake and, unfortunately, it happens here from time to time.

    @ Simon – I couldn’t agree more. Total shame.
    .-= blake´s last blog ..Kick Ass =-.

  7. Too bad you didn’t like this one that much, but hey — at least it broke through your movie blues!

    Honestly I liked it more than I expected to, but I’m not much of a comic/graphic novel reader so I didn’t have knowledge of the original to build on.
    .-= M. Carter @ the Movies´s last blog ..Haley is fearsome in “Nightmare on Elm Street” update =-.

  8. James gill says:

    You are a complete idiot why does every movie need deep meaning at the end of the day the director obviously wasn’t trying to recreate the titanic but simply trying to create a hilarious movie with lots and lots of shock value… Great success I’d say

  9. Blake says:

    @ James – I wouldn’t say I’m a COMPLETE idiot. But I guess you could be right.

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