Library Loot!

It’s time for Library Loot. This is the first week of the year where I actually visited the library, and have positive things to report about last week’s loot. But first, a little more awards business. Heather from Movie Mobsters (another blog I’ve just become familiar with) was kind enough to nominate me for the Kreativ Blogging award (you can see my post about it here). Heather’s blog is another that makes me feel like I need to step up my game. And she does it all with two boys! I can barely take care of myself, and Heather seems to be able to manage to do it all. Thanks Heath (that’s what I’d like to call you now).

71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance officially marks the last of Michael Haneke’s films that I haven’t seen (besides White Ribbon which finally comes to my area next week, and a three minute short he did for the completely impossible to find documentary Lumiere and Company).  I didn’t so much enjoy Fragments.  It was very disjointed, and I felt like the point of it all eluded me.  Not completely, like Code Unknown, but I had a hard time seeing the point of it all.  I probably won’t watch this again or recommend this.

Rebel Without a Cause was really great, but struck uncomfortably close to home with my own daddy issues.  So that was a trip.  I was pretty bummed to see how good of an actor James Dean was.  Struck down in the prime of his life.  Damn.  The melodrama started getting a little old at the end, especially with the way his parents completely unrealistically dealt with Jim.  But still, I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.

The Magic Flute was more of a challenge to watch than I expected.  I talked about act I last week.  This week I finished act II.  I love that opera, propaganda and all, but I’d rather go see it at an opera house.  Considering it as an homage to theatre by Bergman, I can see the great respect he had and the point of it all, but this was mostly forgettable.

Lawrence of Arabia wins the prize of the week.  Despite the four hour run time, I was enthralled for three and a half hours of it.  From the second Peter O’toole stepped on screen, I was blown away by his skill.  It wasn’t his fault that the epic peters out at the end.  It’s my untested theory that there is no way for an epic to finish as strongly as it started.  Still, this was freaking fantastic.  I will probably watch this again on a long weekend where I have four free hours.

This weeks loot!  There’s a couple second attempts here, stuff I didn’t manage to watch the first time I rented it.  I’m excited.

PS – Can any programming wizards tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong in my code to make the pictures below line up like they’re drunk Russians? I swear I tell the images to be the same size and align themselves correctly, but they just won’t do it since the upgrade to WordPress 2.9.

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7 Responses to “Library Loot!”
  1. Heather says:

    Thanks Blake! Some days I don’t even know how I do it. Having a lap top that I take everywhere certainly helps, and being easily distracted and multi-tasking. 🙂

    I always loved Rebel Without A Cause. The first movie with James Dean I have ever seen was Giant, and that is a brilliant epic if you ever want to check it out.

    You’ve lifted my hopes with Lawrence Of Arabia as it’s on my list as well!

  2. can you guess which two of these i’ve seen?

    (i love this game)
    .-= CindyKnowsMovies´s last blog ..I do what I want. =-.

  3. Mad Hatter says:

    I don’t know why, but the throw-a-way moment I’ve always loved the most from REBEL is when they’re hanging out in the yard of the vacant mansion and Dean hollers “Hey, you forgot to wind your sundial!!”.

    Just one of those random movie moments that makes me laugh everytime.

    Glad to hear you dug LAWRENCE, though I still contend it needs to be seen on as big a screen as possible.

    As for this week’s loot, boy are you in for a great bit of viewing! KANE and CE3K are two of my favorite films of all time. REAR WINDOW and BRINGING UP BABY are two films I also tend to recommend highly.

    happy hunting!
    .-= Mad Hatter´s last blog ..For the Faithful Departed (RED RIDING Trailer) =-.

  4. Blake says:

    @ Heather – Lawrence of Arabia does have a handy intermission built in. I took a good half an hour hiatus between the two acts, so that might make it less overwhelming.

    @ Cindy – I guess Weekend and The Serpent’s Egg.

    @ Mad Hatter – The sun dial comment elicited an out loud laugh. He said it just like Mitch Hedberg, I loved it. I already managed to watch Close Encounters and really, really enjoyed it. Am I the only person that thinks Knowing ripped off its ending from CE3K?

  5. Heather says:

    Nope. I think I said the same thing in my review of Knowing too. I like that they committed to destroying Earth and everything, but otherwise it was a total rip off.

  6. Steve says:

    My trick was never upgrading to 2.9. Silly WordPress – those programmers are just too anxious to issue the next version.

    Blake, we’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Take it in good health.

    PS. I couldn’t believe I took a class where we actually watched Bringing Up Baby… the quintessential screwball comedy.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..We’ve been branded as “Kreativ”! =-.

  7. Blake says:

    @ Steve – Thanks a ton for the nomination man! That was very kind of you. And good call about not upgrading. WordPress has been acting a damn fool for me since I did.

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