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You may have noticed there hasn’t been much activity lately here at Bitchin’ Film Reviews. My sister had a baby, which means lots of distractions. Family has been in the area, and I’ve taken up holding the baby as one of my new past times. This comes at a good time since everything in theatres right now is pretty ass-y (not including Shutter Island, which I’ll see soon).  This also took a toll on my Library Loot watching time.  So I didn’t get to a lot of stuff last week.  Including the two Tarkovsky films.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I have some sort of mental block when it comes to him.  I watched half of The Mirror, and got busy with something else, and didn’t even start on Stalker.  Nor did I get to L’atalante or The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

Casablanca was everything I’d ever heard it would be.  Believe it or not, it’s the first Humphrey Bogart film I’ve ever seen.  I suppose this was the perfect place to start.  And I can’t get enough of Ingrid Bergman.

All Quiet on the Western Front presented two of my biggest movie-watching obstacles: made before 1930, and the war genre. To say it simply overcame these problems is an understatement.  This film was totally bitchin’.  I couldn’t believe how effective it was.  The entire thing had me glued to my seat, and I got more emotionally involved in the characters than I’d like to admit.  The one problem I had was the last two minutes.  It may be the pessimist in me, but it just didn’t work.  I see how it could have in the original book, but on the screen, it seemed kitsch.

Read My Lips was as bitchin’ as well.  I wouldn’t expect anything less awesome from Jacques Audiard (The Beat My Heart Skipped is one of my all time favorite films, and A Prophet might join the ranks soon).  I couldn’t help but be reminded of Neil Labutes In the Company of Men, the plot premises are similar, but Audiard takes the idea and mixes it with love, violence, and some of the most dexterous scenes I’ve seen in a long while.

This week’s Loot:

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5 Responses to “Library Loot”
  1. Castor says:

    Great to see you enjoyed one of the great masterpiece of the seventh art 🙂
    .-= Castor´s last blog ..Keys to a Successful (Movie) Blog =-.

  2. Mad Hatter says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed two of the greatest. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on SECRETARY, since it’s been so long since I saw it (and recall feeling a tad underwhelmed).
    .-= Mad Hatter´s last blog ..Review: SHUTTER ISLAND * * * =-.

  3. Aiden R. says:

    Just saw Secretary for the first time recently, fuckin’ bizarre. Think I’m in the minority on this one though, interested to see what you think.
    .-= Aiden R.´s last blog ..Shutter Island (2010) =-.

  4. Heather says:

    I have Casablanca on the DVR waiting for me. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s today, so Casablanca is for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Shutter Island (2010) =-.

  5. Blake says:

    @ Castor – Read your review, and appreciated the insights. I missed a bunch of stuff the first time through. I’ll have to watch it again.

    @ Mad Hatter – I felt the same way. It was funny, but it seemed sort of hollow. I guess James Spader spanking Gyllenhaal just don’t do it for me. Or you.

    @ Aiden – I’m with you. It was wicked weird. Not something I’d watch again or recommend.

    @ Heather – Nice! I really enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, except for the insanely racest Japanese impression. I can’t believe people still overlook that. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Casablanca.

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