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library-lootIt turns out Mike Leigh may be the second best thing to come out of the UK (next to Radiohead). Seriously. Before last week’s loot, I had only seen Naked, and Happy-Go-Lucky.  Now I’m proud to add Vera Drake and Secrets and Lies to the list.  Both the films were fantastic.  It’s interesting to see reoccurring characters in each of the movies.  What’s with all the greedy, materialistic housewives?  Vera Drake was refreshingly authentic in it’s approach towards abortion.  Never have I felt so conflicted about an issue in a movie. It’s interesting that he choose to set the film in England, in a time when abortion was actually legal (well, legal in gray, shady area), but still managed to avoid political finger-wagging.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Topsy-Turvy, but I had so many people say such great things about it, I checked it out again.  Here’s this week’s loot.

Twin Falls IdahoL'avventuraThe Marriage of Maria Brauntopsy-turvy

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3 Responses to “Library Loot”
  1. Mitch says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of “L’avventura.” Fair warning: if you thought Jarmusch’s latest was a bit austere and slow moving . . .

    “Maria Braun” is a perfect place to dive into Fassbinder’s work. If you like it, check out a few of his features and then consider giving 15 hours and forty minutes of your life to “Berlin Alexanderplatz,” the film that defines the term mangum opus. I’ll lend you my copy.

  2. Blake says:

    Fifteen hours and forty minutes? That sounds like an Andy Warhol movie. You really actually own it? I’ll let you know how Maria Braun goes.

  3. Anders says:

    Amen to the Radiohead comment. 😛

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