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library-lootI’m thrilled to report that I actually watched all four movies that I checked out the last time at the library.  This is quite a feat since I had a ton of family here last weekend and attended a wedding that included several days of activity.  Here are some quick thoughts about the last loot.

Topsy Turvy – I enjoyed this film much more than I expected to.  I have yet to find a Mike Leigh movie that I didn’t enjoy, so this shouldn’t have been a huge a surprise.  Jim Broadbent was hilarious, and although it ran around 210 minutes, it actually flew by.  I was impressed.

Twin Falls Idaho – I enjoyed this movie.  I’d probably give it three out of four stars.  It’s not really my type of genre, but I was impressed it was a first-time film for Michael Polish who also starred as one of the siamese twin brothers.

The Marriage of Maria Braun – I didn’t expect to really like this film, but it actually blew me away.  The fact it’s thirty years old and didn’t seem dated at all was really impressive.  But I was also thrilled by the direction style of Fassbinder.  I’ll definitely be checking out more of his stuff.

L’avventura – This was definitely my favorite of the bunch.  I have a tough time with slow pacing, but I didn’t at all here.  This is the first Antonioni film I’ve seen, and I think I may have already become a big fan.  I knew I liked the movie, but once I watched my favorite scenes again with the commentary by Gene Youngblood, I was completely hooked.  Not to mention Monica Vitti is insanely hot.

Here’s this week’s loot:

Miller's CrossingWelcome to the DollhouseBlow-Up

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3 Responses to “Library Loot”
  1. Mad Hatter says:

    Oh man…BLOW-UP takes me back. I studied photography in college, so that one was required viewing.

  2. Mitch says:

    That Youngblood commentary is outstanding; it is one of Criterion’s best scholarly tracks, along with Robert Stam’s “Contempt” track and Peter Cowie’s for “The Seventh Seal.” I am glad you enjoyed the film, Blake. Needless to say, if you are infatuated with Vitti, the next stop is “L’Eclisse.”

  3. Today, I did my own version of Library Loot with a few movies mentioned. I always wanted to see Miller’s Crossing and will be interested in hearing what you think about it.

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