Library Loot

library-lootIt’s that time again. The time where I go to library and feel completely overwhelmed by my choices. Fortunately, I had some really great suggestions as to what I should watch next. But as for last weeks loot, here are some quick thoughts:

Welcome to the Dollhouse – This movie is sad as crap.  Really.  It’s just sad.  It only seems fitting that this guy would direct it.

Blowup – This film was shot very well, and had some interesting moments.  I was taking back by how attractive Vanessa Redgrave was back in the day.  Compare this Redgrave to this oneBlowup was actually quite disappointing after watching L’avventura, but at least I understand Austin Powers better now.

Miller’s Crossing – This flick was just a very solid movie.  I have no complaints.  I always enjoy a Coen brother’s film, and this was no exception.

I went a little crazy this week at the library.  School’s out for the summer, and not a final too soon.

Stranger Than ParadiseCoffee and CigarettesGhost DogAlmost FamousBefore SunsetHome at the End of the WorldThe Savages

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3 Responses to “Library Loot”
  1. Mad Hatter says:

    Ah! My all time favorite 🙂

  2. Blake says:

    It’s been far too long since I’ve seen that movie!

  3. Travis Coole says:

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