Library Loot

library-lootI’m wicked proud of myself.   I watched at least 12 movies in the last week.   Including all five of last week’s library loot.  Hell yeah.

Band of Outsiders was fantastic.  I really enjoyed it.  So much so, I checked out more Goddard this week.  I’m trying to convince my sister and brother-in-law to dress up as the three main characters with me and learn the dance they do in the cafe.  My bro-in-law brought up the idea, but I think he was joking.  Please watch it here.

Leaving Las Vegas was pretty good.  I was entertained.  This movie was suggested to me as proof that Nic Cage can, in fact, act.  I agree, he made a terrific drunk man.  But the plot felt a little contrived.  Still, chalk one up for Cage.

Having not seen the the Godfather trilogy has been one of my biggest embarrassments as a film buff.  Now, I’ve finally seen them.  I enjoyed the first installment, but I am reserving final judgement until I’ve seen it at least one more time.  Part II was much more accessible for me, and I definitely liked it the best out of the three.  It held my attention better than any film has in a long time.  I’m not sure why part III has such a bad rep.  Sure it wasn’t as great as the first two, but I thought it was still a decent movie.  Despite that whole operatic ending.

I definitely got over confident this week and rented probably more than I’ll be watching.  The first to get sacrificed will definitely be the Tarkovsky film.  If it comes to that.

AlphavilleBreathlessBlack ChristmasCries and WhispersShoot the Piano PlayerStalkerThe 39 Steps

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