Lit Flicks Challenge

It’s completely ridiculously that it’s already November. And, to make matters worse, it’s blizzarding outside. I don’t know if I can handle this.

So, October ended, and I’m 5 days late in announcing the Lit Flicks challenge winner for this month (or last month I suppose).  Here were the rules to get an entry for the drawing:

1.  Signing up for the challenge if you haven’t already (those who have already signed up will receive an entry for this month)
2.  One entry for each review that follows Lit Flicks guidelines posted under Mr. Linky on the challenge page
3.  Two entries for a review of the film Blindness, hitting theaters October 3rd (be sure and list a link to your review on the challenge page to get an entry).

I had a lot of great entries this month, but no one took me up on the Blindness offer.  Oh well, it left theaters pretty quickly anyway, I guess people aren’t looking for more depressing entertainment than CNN.   So, thanks to all you who participated, but the winner for October is: Care, at  In case you’re curious, the winning entry was Care’s review of All About Eve which can be found here.  Care has won a copy of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  Care, email me so I can get your info.

As for the rules of November, they will stay pretty much the same.  I’ll still give two entries for any review of Blindness (the movie or the book), another entry for any reviews posted, and one for signing up for the challenge (if you’re already signed up, you still get an entry for November).  Remember, if you go over the five films, two books, no worries, keep the reviews coming.  Until next month!

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  1. Care says:

    yippee! I actually have The Road on my tbr! And, I don’t see many movies in the theater (want to – just never seem to) and I keep eyeing the book Blindness but haven’t picked it up yet. I didn’t realize I could have had extra chances to win. Guess it doesn’t matter though. Yea for me! (I just sent the email.)

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