Lost Highway

If art imitates life, I want to spend one day in the messed up, deviant world that David Lynch lives in. The best part about his films is the fact you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. All bets are off.  Lost Highway will plunge you into a dark, tense world of fear and mystery.

Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) is a successful jazz musician (playing songs oddly similar to Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ album).  He’s married to an extremely beautiful woman named Renee (Patricia Arquette).  Arquette oozes with sexuality, her performance is raw, and fantastic.  They receive a mysterious video tape on their doorstep, that shows they were filmed while sleeping (the connection between this aspect of the film and  France’s Cache is to large to ignore).  The police start surveillancing their house, with no luck.  Finally, Fred gets a tape showing him murder his wife, and he’s quickly arrested since Renee is in fact dead.

The plot then moves to a young car mechanic named Pete (Balthazar Getty).  He’s remotely connected to some very bad people, as he’s their mechanic.  There’s no trouble until he starts doing it with bad guy boss Mr. Eddy’s gal, Alice (also played by Arquette).  The two have an intense love affair behind Mr. Eddy’s back, and live in fear that the violent maniac will find out and kill them both.

Telling more of the plot would give away more than you want to know without actually watching the movie.  Lynch has proved once again that he is a master stylist, leaving nothing to happenstance.  He’s like the Frank Lloyd Wright of film, leaving nothing untouched in his shots, controlling every aspect of, well, everything (who else would cast Marilyn Manson in the porno seen in the film?).  I’ve said this before, but no one knows how to build an uneasy tension like Lynch.  The plot is so twisted, you’re mind will writhe around trying to connect the dots.  It’s like an erotic torture (which is the best kind), as you try and figure out what exactly happened, days after you’ve watch it.  This is definitely one of the top 10 creepiest movies I’ve ever seen.  There’s no shortage of violence or sexuality in this film, so be warned.


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