Martin McDonagh takes a break from Broadway to bring us his first film since ‘In Bruges’

Martin McDonagh, the man who finds humor in the very darkest places has brought us two movies up until this point. The first a short film, named Six Shooter, which won him an Oscar in 2005. The second, the brutally hilarious and touching In Bruges, starring Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and Brandan Gleeson, which I am a huge fan.  In Bruges was Sundance’s opening film in 2008 and McDonagh received another Oscar nom for Best Original Screenplay.  That was four years ago.  He’s been busy with his Broadway play, A Behanding in Spokane, which starred Christopher Walkin, Sam Rockwell, Anthony Mackie, and Zoe Kazan.

The long wait for him to come back to film is finally over. He has written and directed Seven Psychopaths, which pairs parts of the cast from A Behanding and Bruges. It’s a pretty impressive cast, as McDonagh’s seven psychopaths are Olga Kurylenko, Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish, Tom Waits(!), and Woody Harrelson. The movie’s premise, professional dog-kidnappers who make their living on the ransoms they collect, and eventually kidnapping the wrong dog, seems a bit pedestrian. But I fully put my faith in McDonagh and his cast. After all, is anyone better at making Colin Ferrall talented?

Seven Psychopaths will play at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and will have a limited release 12 October 2012.

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