Mom’s Favorite Films

top-5Madhatter’s weekly ‘Top 5′ feature this week focused on the five favorite films of his mom. Pretty much I’m going to do the same thing. My mom is pretty bitchin’. And I say that not just looking for an excuse to use the word bitchin’. Here is the list she’s created:

Life is Beautiful – The movie is shot beautifully, and the sense of humor shown all throughout – during the Holocaust nonetheless – is is inspiring! It makes me laugh, cringe and cry.

An Affair to Remember – An amazing classic romantic comedy.  You can’t beat Cary Grant!

About a Boy – I love the humor, and the “happy ending” (yes, I’m a “tied up with a pretty bow kinda girl”).

The Count of Montecristo – Classic tale, happy ending. I love the grandeur of the “comeback” the Count makes. It makes me happy when I’m cranky.

Chocolat – Who can resist Johnny Depp as a Gypsy?  The story is whimsical and funky and the cast is perfect!

There you have it.  Five bitchin’ films from my bitchin’ mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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One Response to “Mom’s Favorite Films”
  1. Matt says:

    Great idea for a blog post on Mother’s Day! I may have to start this tradition next year 😀

    I agree that Cary Grant is unbeatable.

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