My Blueberry Nights

Released today on DVD is the film, ‘My Blueberry Nights.’ This is the first feature length English-feature film of Chinese director Kar Wai Wong. The film begins by quickly introducing us to Elizabeth (Norah Jones), our quiet, soul-searching protagonist and her cheating boyfriend. Jaded by the city that served as the backdrop of her boyfriend’s betrayal, she leaves on a country-wide journey searching for…well, that’s not really clear (and not really that interesting).

Her quest brings her into contact with various interesting encounters and people, including restaurant worker/love interest Jeremy (Jude Law), lonely and angry wife-of-an-alcoholic (Rachel, Weisz), and a gambling addict with daddy issues (Natalie Portman).

While the adjectives sure sound interesting, the story isn’t so much. It seems that Wong tries to make up for this fact by using all sorts of unusual camera effects, such as blurred vision, overexposure, and slow motion that apparently is meant to add to atmosphere.

Despite these shortcomings, the cast is able to shine. The performances of Weisz, Law, Portman and even Norah Jones (for whom this is her film debut) are above par and allow you to forget that the story isn’t that interesting.


Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material including violence, drinking and smoking.

Rottentomatoes score: 47%, with Top critics: 30%

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  1. Jessica says:

    Really?!? Norah Jones? Hmmm. I love reading why a movie is rated the way that it is. Sometimes it’s fun and other times I know what not to watch. See? Win-win-win. Anywho. Check out this movie-blog contest:

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