Poolhall Junkies

Poolhall Junkies is one of those con movies that leaves you annoyed you just got hustled into watching it.  Despite some really hip music, and some impressive pool shots, this film falls flat.

Directed by Mars Callahan, the film follows Johnny (played by Mars Callahan), a hustler, who despite his terrific talent, has left the game of pool behind for a more respectable profession.  This is partly due to his annoying girlfriend, the thirty year old law student (sound like Rollers to you?).  Unfortunately, his little brother gets into some trouble with the same guys that forced him out of the game.  Johnny pics the game back up in order to earn enough to get his bro out of trouble.

Callahan’s acting leaves a lot to be desired.  His poorly delivered lines won’t let you focus on anything else.  His direction is sloppy as well.  The viewer is forced to watch countless montage scenes were nothing happens but pool balls get hit into their pockets with intense precision.  Cool, but not enough to make a movie.  The script has enough snarky zingers to leave you satisfied.  Again, cool, but it’s not enough.  The plot has huge, gaping holes that no one ever really addresses, and the cons they boys pull are completely stupid, mostly relying on plays on words that are unimpressive (Johnny bets a man he can tell him where he got his shoes, the man takes the bet, and Johnny tells him: ‘On your feet!’ Get it?).  Christopher Walken has a small role.  Each time he enters a scene, the movie picks up, making it, at those times, a decent B movie.  But then Callahan takes charge again, and he makes you want to turn the movie off.  While mildly entertaining, this film doesn’t hold up to even mediocre con movies.


Rottentomatoes: 35%Cream of the Crop: 17%

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  1. Jessica says:

    I’m just disappointed that there wasn’t a musical number in the pool hall, with pool cues as props.

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