Shall We Kiss? (Un baiser s’il vous plaît)

shall-we-kissThe tag line for Shall We Kiss? says something like, ‘it’s a film that explores the perils and pleasures of a simple kiss.’  This single premise sounds a little hokey for my usual tastes.  But I was convinced to see it for a few reasons: 1) I went with a date, 2) it’s French and I can’t get enough of French Films right now, 3) it has better reviews than The Brothers Bloom.  I’m glad I drove 45 minutes to see it.

The film is directed by Emmanuel Mouret (this marks his sixths directing credit), who just so happens to also star.  He’s the guy groping his best friend on the movie poster.  In this film, he has managed to create a curious world, where everyone is well dressed, reasonably attractive, and lives in monochromatic, yet fantastic, apartments.

The film begins with a man running into a woman on a business trip.  The two have dinner, and hit it off, but she refuses to give him a goodbye kiss because of a precarious story that happened to an acquaintance of hers.  The majority of the film after this, is this woman recounting the story of two friends, who happened to fall in love because of a single kiss.  The two happened to be involved in committed relationships, adding a perilous angle to the whole shenanigans.

The first half of this flick will make you laugh non-stop.  The humor is both sexual and non-sexual, but it never borders on the distasteful (in fact, while the film is not rated, it would have most likely received a PG-13 rating).  The acting is smooth and authentic, it’s quite enjoyable.  Although the best part of the tale is that Mouret (who also wrote the script) doesn’t let anybody get off easy.  It makes the viewer very well aware of the dangers of marital infidelity.  It’s both amusing, and poignant at the same time.  Something romantic comedies are almost never allowed to be.


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2 Responses to “Shall We Kiss? (Un baiser s’il vous plaît)”
  1. I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed this! It was released in Toronto recently and I was close to seeing it but the poster kinda un-sold me on it (looks a lil too ‘grope-y’). Will have to see where I can find it now, .. I shouldn’t hvae been dissuaded. Sigh.

  2. Reel Whore says:

    The wife drug me out to see this and I enjoyed it a lot. I keep meaning to write a review for it, but it may never happen. It’s a muted, but engaging little story.

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