So many shitty trailers

I just got home from watching Brothers. A review will follow shortly, but first, and more importantly, I need to talk about the steaming pile of shitty trailers that was paraded in front of me for nearly twenty minutes before I got to see Natalie Portman torn between Spiderman and that guy from Brokeback.

First off, what the hell, Nic Cage? What the hell. This trailer makes you look worse than announcing bankruptcy because you bought too many fossils and houses in New Orleans:

What, about a medieval thriller film called Season of the Witch, starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, sounded like a winner to studio executives? I had to wait through a year and a half of delayed release dates for The Road, but this gets a green light?

Or how about Mel Gibson’s new flick Edge of Darkness (who is coming up with these names?). I’m pretty sure Liam Neeson made this movie about a year ago. And it was barely mediocre then. And you know Gibson probably thinks it was the Jews that got his daughter. Sure, it was directed by the guy who did Casino Royale, but let’s not forget Martin Campbell also brought us Vertical Limit, and both The Mask of Zorro, and the Legend of Zorro.

Sometimes you’ve just got to know when to quit

Then there was Green Zone. Directed by Paul Greengrass, the director of the last two Bourne films, and starring Matt Damon who’s reprising the Bourne role. Oh wait, it’s not Jason Bourne, it’s another highly trained government operative who goes rogue because his superiors are corrupt. Oh dear.

With a frighteningly underwhelming Oscar season coming to a close, next year promises to be even worse. This is not good news.

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3 Responses to “So many shitty trailers”
  1. Still no Robin Hood trailer? What’s taking so long it comes out in 5 months!
    .-= TheAnswerMVP2001´s last blog ..Night at the Museum (2006) =-.

  2. Anh Khoi Do says:

    I agree with you, Blake, that the these trailers are shitty. Although the Middle Age is not a historical period that I find fascinating, I’d have liked to see a film on the Black Plague. However, the inclusion of magic and fantasy in Season of the Witch makes the film unworthy of anyone’s attention. Besides, it looks badly acted.
    .-= Anh Khoi Do´s last blog ..‘Mirador’ Premieres Jan. 6 on Radio-Canada =-.

  3. Blake says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Anh Khoi Do. Ingmar Bergman did an interesting movie about the Black Plague, The Seventh Seal. I’d recommend it.

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